Things You Must “See/Eat/Do” in Korea

Hi, everyone. This time I want to tell you something that you must see, eat and do in Korea. They are all my favorites. Here we go ;^) <SEE> -Part <SEE> contains some place that I want to recommend.  1. Palaces : There are five palace in Seoul. Deoksugung(덕수궁), Gyeonghuigung(경희궁), Gyeongbokgung(경복궁). Deoksugung(덕수궁), Changgyeonggung(창경궁), Changdeokgung(창덕궁). In […]

A Day off in Jamsil

Do you feel like you want to take a day off from all the studying and university related events? Yet at the same time you don’t want to go too far as you will need to be back on stripe tomorrow. Why don’t just go somewhere close to the student housing area that only takes […]

Places Where you can Get Medical Treatment

It’s been a month that exchange students came to Korea. Time flies really fast. Now, most of foreign students are familiar about place to eat, or hang out. So, it is time to find some practical information about your health. There are 2 places where you can have medical treatment inside of school, or to […]

Flavours that Koreans Favor: Sweets

Green tea Green tea comes in many more forms than as a drink in your teacup in Korea. The flavour is popular all around Asia, but Koreans really put it everywhere. It is not as sweet or rich as caramel and other stuff you can find in the typical western confectionery aisles at supermarkets, but […]

Kyoto Excursion

One of the many benefits of living in Seoul is the proximity of many great travel destinations. There are multiple countries surrounding Seoul that can be reached in a mere few hours and are excellent for a long weekend or longer; just don’t skip class! I decided to take advantage of this opportunity for travel […]

How to Buy Cheap Flight Tickets

What would you like to do most, if you could go overseas as an exchange student? Maybe most exchange students want to travel a lot. Traveling alone or traveling with new friends will be a new challenge and an exciting experience. Travel lots of Asia countries, while you are in Korea! During the long holidays […]

Hang Out in Wangsimni with Coins!

Play in Wangsimni with coins. What do you usually do in Wangsimni (왕십리)? Drink with friends? Chat in cafés? Or any other things? I will introduce you some places to enjoy requiring just coins in Wangsimni. One of the places is coin karaoke room (singing room, noraebang). There are many karaoke rooms near Hanyang University. […]

Use Your Money Wisely in the Philippines!

I understand that most of the readers are students and a lot of you will not be working while you are here in Korea, so you’ll need to spend money wisely. I also know that some of you might be interested in traveling to other countries during your exchange. An affordable place to travel is […]