Places Where you can Get Medical Treatment

It’s been a month that exchange students came to Korea. Time flies really fast. Now, most of foreign students are familiar about place to eat, or hang out. So, it is time to find some practical information about your health. There are 2 places where you can have medical treatment inside of school, or to just get simple medicine.

First, as most of students know, the Hanyang University Medical Center (HYUMC) (한양대학교 병원). It is located in the hill side of so called –the 3rd campus. Let me show you a map.


It is a general hospital. If you have a student ID card, you can have 10% discount of your total treatment fee. It is an advantage because normally hospital’s medical treatment is really expensive compared to that of common private-own hospital. So, as long as you are Hanyang university student, do not hesitate to go hospital when you get sick.

Furthermore, Hanyang University Medical Center opens at 9 : 00~17:00. You have to make a reservation first if you want to get treatment. Because it is a big hospital, it has a formal process. You can make a reservation through Internet and phone. The website domain is

If you enter the website, you can see the display like this.


For the exchange students, click the ‘International Clinic Office’. Here’s the site domain : Then, go to registration page :


If you fill the blanks and submit, it means you make a reservation. In the Homepage, it says they provide convenient and comfortable medical institute for foreigners, so do not wait to go to the hospital. If you are done, go to recipient and pay your treatment bill.

But still, a cost can be a burden. So, let me introduce you a second place,  the Hanyang Student Health Care Center. Student Health Care Center on the Seoul Campus were established on March 5, 1962. It has a long history. And student health care center is located on the third floors of the Student Union buildings. This Center provides medical care for both students and faculty members, and strive to promote and maintain high standards of physical and mental health for all members of the University. Here’s a map.


Student Union building is right next to Hanyang Plaza, more specifically next to post office. You can find book café on second floor in Hanyang Union building. Just go one floor up, then you can find student health care center. You go there inside, just tell your symtoms they will give you some medicine. Really simple than hospital. And aware of the lunch time (12:00~13:00) so you don’t miss your treatment.

These two places are typical examples of medical treatment. But if you want to get medical examination at common hospital, you can try ‘Kim Tae Hwa Endo Internal Medicine (김태화 엔도내과)’. In Korean, we call ‘Kim Tae Hwa Endo Nae Gua’. It is located in cross road of ‘Sa-Gun-Dong (사근동)’ and ‘Hanyang University’.


It is hard to pick a place on the map exactly, but you will see when you fine Twosomeplace café on second floor of the building. Most Hanyang University Students go there when they are sick because it is cheaper than university hospital, and quality of treatment is good. The process is same as hanyang university hospital, but lot easier because its scale is small. And you don’t need any reservation normally.

Hope you find useful information about medical treatment!


Article by Shinhwa from Korea

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