A Day off in Jamsil

Do you feel like you want to take a day off from all the studying and university related events? Yet at the same time you don’t want to go too far as you will need to be back on stripe tomorrow. Why don’t just go somewhere close to the student housing area that only takes about 10-15 minutes by metro? I have the best place for you that has plenty of attractions for people of different age groups. Jamsil (잠실) is a perfect place for various activities that will let you spend your free time as productive as possible.

Firstly, if you take Subway Line 2 and use exit number 1, then you can get to the Olympic Park (올림픽공원) that is a reminder that in 1988 the XXIV Summer Olympic Games were held here in Seoul. The park with all its leisure points is spread across 1.45 million m2 making it one of the largest green zones in the capital of South Korea. When you first arrive to the park you will be able to see the so called World Peace Gate that represents peace and harmony. Moreover, the underside of the roof has a colourful mural that is called “A Painting of Four Spirits”. The spirits guard the gate and signify the freedom and strength of Koreans. Additionally, underneath you will find the eternal flame which declares peace and calls for world harmony and happiness despite race, ideology or religion.

IMG_20150929_131303 IMG_20150929_131636 IMG_20150929_131838 IMG_20150929_132051 IMG_20150929_132440 IMG_20150929_132826

Furthermore, if you are a true sports fan and are really interested in the history of athletics or Olympic Games in general, then you will be able to find a wall with all the results engraved in it. Also a short summary of the each day of this worldwide event is provided. Additionally, the wall sates how many medals each country managed to win. However, if you are from the former Soviet countries, there is a big chance that your favourite sportsman will not represent the country you are from. It is most likely that the athlete will be put under a USSR team. Moreover, the park also shows you all the flags of the countries that participated in 1988. The view is definitely impressive and will make you look for your countries flag for about 30 minutes.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel like reading and learning that much about sports history, then you will have a chance to wander through the green zone and take a look at the numerous monuments representing sports and competition. You will also be able to visit a flower garden, walk through the eco-friendly forest or have a picnic with your friends. If you want to see the whole park but don’t want to walk for kilometres, then it is a good idea to get on one of the tourist trains that will show you the most famous attractions. Moreover, if you really enjoy history and want to learn more about Korean culture, it is definitely worth visiting the site of Mongchontoseong Fortress (몽촌토성) that is an earthen fortification from the Baekje Dynasty (백제). It was built is 4th century and attracts thousands of tourists each year.

IMG_20150929_132741 IMG_20150929_133724 IMG_20150929_134142 IMG_20150929_134919 IMG_20150929_140823 IMG_20150929_141052

If you fancy something more extraordinary, then you might be interested in visiting the Lotte World Theme Park that provides a Disneyland-type activities. They have plenty of carousels, the water park and also an aquarium. Don’t miss a chance as students get a discount. Moreover, if you want to do some shopping, visit the Lotte World Mall and take a look at the huge tower that’s still being built now. The mall offers some high-class shops, including Versace, Louis Vuitton, Victoria Secret and others. But if you are just a simple student like me, then don’t worry, they also have H&M, Zara and COS. Additionally, if you are one of the Hard Rock Café shirt collectors, then this is the place for you! The Hard Rock Café Seoul is located at the Lotte Mall.

IMG_20150919_170448 IMG_20150919_172019 IMG_20150919_173336 IMG_20150929_151008 IMG_20150919_185758 IMG_20150919_185809

If you think that it is impossible to visit all these places in one day, then you are right. But don’t worry, you can always come back some other day as it only takes about 15 minutes by metro. Don’t forget to bring your friends and enjoy this place together!


Article by Zanda from the U.K.


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