Korean Autumn Style (by Annie)

*Annie wrote this article while ago and it is my bad to upload now.  Since it is already winter. anyways it is still an interesting one so please enjoy! 

As soon as the weather drops below 25 degrees C (below 78 degrees F), Koreans arm themselves with a new fashion sense, one that generally requires many layers and accessories. All these added items are used more for style than for warmth. In fact, a lot of the clothing provides no warmth at all but are the final piece used to complete the Koreans Autumn Style.

Even though girls add coats and jackets to their outfits, crop tops are still a popular trend. Though everyone knows that these shirts don’t protect anything from the cold, the style is satisfying enough for girls to keep using it. There’s also the effort to put stockings on under skirts. It could be 50 degrees F (12 degrees C) and women will wear a heavy coat with their skirts and stockings.   Fish net tights are added under skirts and crop tops even though this obviously serves the look of the outfit rather than defense against the cold. Crop tops with sweaters and skirts with tights are obviously a fashion trend rather than a form of warm clothing but nothing fits this style more than the ripped jeans trend. This clothing item is 100% for fashion, a style I love and wear as well but no one will argue that its warm in the slightest.

Layering up is the way to go when attempting to fit in with Autumn Korean Fashion. With jeans and a plain black sweater, add a colored shirt underneath, a light jacket, a thin scarf, and a beany. This is a fail-safe way to look like you stepped right off the streets of Seoul. My advice is to play around with the layers. Look up Korean Fall Fashion and search around. If you’re a dress or skirt person, there are ways to stay warm even with these items. Add Heat Tech and tights to them and a longer coat. With jeans, at tights, some boot heels, and a thicker jacket over a light sweater. This is the best way to stay warm outside but not inside.

The Autumn Korean style can be seen on the streets of Seoul but also on campuses. This is a big difference from my home university in Florida. I can’t speak for all universities in America but a lot of students tend to wear what’s comfortable, not what’s stylish. This includes sweatpants, sportswear, and pajamas. A lot of students will roll out of bed in what they slept in and drive to school. Test days are the days where you can find students with their hair out of place, no makeup, and in the comfiest thing they can find. This style isn’t the rule, it’s just the most common. Students dress however they want which could be stylish to casual. While there are fashion trends we follow, at school, no one really cares who’s wearing what.

Sorority girls and fraternity boys are a little different, especially at FSU, the party school. They are like others, usually dressed in sportswear or cubbies at school, but they have rules they must follow. Sometimes they have specific things they must wear at certain times of the week and for special occasions. Certain brands are sportswear are required, makeup and hair must be done expertly, and usually their wearing Converse or Sperry’s. It’s easy to spot people in sororities and frats because of these facts.

Article by Annie Lynch from the States.

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