How to Buy Cheap Flight Tickets

What would you like to do most, if you could go overseas as an exchange student? Maybe most exchange students want to travel a lot. Traveling alone or traveling with new friends will be a new challenge and an exciting experience. Travel lots of Asia countries, while you are in Korea! During the long holidays like Chuseok, you can travel Asia countries like China, Japan for about a week. However many students used to face money worries. So I would like to let you know how to buy cheap flight ticket.

The way to buy a cheaper ticket depends on whether you can browse all prices. So, using Skyscanner or Kayak is the one of the best way to search various options. These websites are already well known to students, because of their user-friendly website. Using these websites is easy. Just type where you want to go and when you are departing and returning. Then, these sites help you get the lowest price using their search service. If the date of travel is not fixed, you can just search flight across a whole month, or even a year. In the website of Skyscanner, there are buttons like ‘whole month’ and ‘cheapest month’ and in kayak’s website, there is a ‘flexible date’ button. Using their price comparison service, you can figure out which date offers the cheapest price. If there are no flights you want to take, you can get price alerts. Also, when you want to just go off somewhere, Skyscanner provide special service that you can find the cheapest flight, regardless of destination. Your destination is ‘Everywhere’.

1 Kayak 비행기 검색 1 Skyscanner - search EVERYWHERE 1 Skyscanner 날짜 미정 1 Skyscanner 비행기 검색

And using Social Commerce and websites of low-cost airlines is another great way. Social commerce like Coupang and Interpark provide their own homepages and applications. Using these social commerce sites, you can buy flight ticket left at a special price. This ticket is marked as ‘땡처리항공권’ in Korean. Price is much cheaper near the departure date. However, Coupang and Interpark don’t provide English services. So you have to use Google translator or ask Korean friends for help. And you can get detail information on domestic low-cost airline website. While you are in Korea, most of the flights you will take are Low-cost carriers(LCCs) of Korea like Eastar jet, Jin air, Tway air, Jeju air in Korea. These airline websites provide English service. So, foreign students can easily search information. Unlike other websites, you can figure out the detailed costing of flight ticket-booking process. The ticket prices vary depending upon the day you leave and departure time. Select the ticket considering various factors like money, date, time. Personally, before you find flight ticket on airline website, you had better search the airline that provides cheap airline ticket using social commerce. Because this behavior can simplify complicate process of price comparison.

2 Coupang 땡처리항공권 본문2 Interpark 땡처리항공권 2 Interpark 가격예시 2 Jeju air 날짜별 가격선택 2. Jeju air 2. Jeju airbooking summary

There are several facts to be considered when you use low-cost airline. First, policies for cancellation and amendment are so tricky. It takes very long time to get the money back. Changing the date is also tricky. Before you reserve the flight ticket, you must plan an exact schedule. Last year, my friend from Hong Kong bought a cheap flight ticket to go to Jeju Island. However, she found out cheaper ticket later, so she tried to cancel the previous ticket. But it took long time to get money back and the whole process was stressful. You had better ask Korean friends for help, when you are in trouble. Second, flight delays occur frequently. Judging from experience of me and my friends, you have to wait at least 20 minutes or up to 2 hours. I waited for 30 minutes, when I went Hong Kong. And my friend who went to Japan waited for 2 hours. At last, you have to pay extra, if you want a reserved-seat ticket, beverage and meals.

본문1. Skyscanner 날짜별 가격비교

I hope you buy cheap flight ticket without any problems!


References: Kayak, Skyscanner, Interpark Tour, Jeju Air


Article by Hyunyoung from Korea


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