Hang Out in Wangsimni with Coins!

Play in Wangsimni with coins.

What do you usually do in Wangsimni (왕십리)? Drink with friends? Chat in cafés? Or any other things? I will introduce you some places to enjoy requiring just coins in Wangsimni.

One of the places is coin karaoke room (singing room, noraebang). There are many karaoke rooms near Hanyang University. But it is too expensive to sing alone or small group. Price of a normal karaoke room is maybe more than 15,000 Won. And we always have extra time in normal karaoke room. Here is a solution. It is coin karaoke rooms.


It is cheap enough to sing alone. Price is 500 Won for two songs. And in coin karaoke room you can sing just two songs or even more if you please. You can stop by to sing a few songs. It is so small that maybe just two or three could enter in one box. If you want enter with three friends (if four people enter in a box) I won’t dissuade you. If you want to play with many friends in a large room, I recommend normal karaoke rooms. Coin karaoke room is so popular that many people are waiting in line. I know two coin karaoke room in Wangsimni. Star coin karaoke room has 12 rooms, and Wara coin karaoke room has 14 rooms. The quality of the facilities are almost the same.

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Karaoke machines have Korean songs, Pop songs, Japanese songs and Chinese songs to choose from. You can use coins and you can use bills as well. You can always change your money with coins in front of the karaoke room.

The second place to introduce is video arcades. There are two video arcades in Wangsimni. One is in Wangsimni station, and the other is near Hanyang University. The name of the video arcade near at HYU is Hanyang Game Center (한양게임센터).


Maybe coin karaoke rooms derived from video arcades. Almost every video arcade has a few karaoke rooms, including Hanyang Game Center. There are many video games to choose from and those who love games will like this place (I am sorry to everyone who hates playing games). Shooting games, driving games, competition fight games, and rhythm games are available. Many games can be played with just a coin (500 Won). What I like most is the claw machine which is located in front of the video arcade. There are many cute dolls. That is so exciting that I cannot pass this street without seeing this machine. Like coin karaoke room there is a coin-exchange machine.

Last place is shooting range. It doesn’t’ mean real shooting range. It is shooting range that uses a BB gun with plastic bullets. It is more expensive than the former places that I introduced, the price at 2,500 Won per 35 bullets. It is just for fun. It has nine targets. Each targets has different points. The smaller target is, the higher points are. When you hit a target, the target falls backward and points rise. If you hit all nine targets, all targets reset. There are different criteria of reward. To get rewarded, one should score more than 2200 points (for male) or 1900 points (for female). As a reward you can get a coupon. You can get a small doll with a coupon. And you can get bigger dolls when you gather more coupons.


You can find all places that I introduced in the map below. Get rid of your stress with singing, playing games and shooting with coins in Wangsimni.



Article by Hyosik from Korea

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