New Daiso!

It’s Spring of 2015, and a start of a new year! Last semester, we introduced a wonderful place called Daiso (다이소), the “Korean dollar store, but better”. Originally, there was one by the exit 9 of Wangsimni Station (왕십리역). However, it was not the most convenient of locations, about a 20 to 25 minute walk […]

My Trip to Jeonju (part 1)

I had a short overnight trip to Jeonju at the end of January. Jeonju is a tourist city in Korea which is famous for Hanok Village and Bibimbap. Recently, it has become more popular for some unusual snacks at the food alley there. Plus, I really recommend going to Jeonju to those who are on […]

Arriving Early to Seoul: Where and How to Stay, and Why?

Arriving early to Korea seems like a scary situation but it is actually a very great idea. It will help you to get assimilated and help you meet new friends. Most students who go to Hanyang tend to arrive right before the semester begins, however; you can arrive early and explore different parts of Seoul […]

Experiencing Korean Desserts

I have been in Seoul for 2 weeks and already I have eaten more desserts than I can keep track of! As a natural foodie, particularly in love with dessert, I figured I’ve tried about everything in the sweets category, however, Korea offers desserts I have never heard of. The options are unlimited and they […]

Course Registration at Hanyang University

The course registration process at Hanyang can be a confusing process for those who are who are used to a different way of doing things at their home university. Some people have no problems with the registration here, and luck out by getting into every class they wanted, but for others like myself, it can […]

Café Craze – Welcome to Korea (part 1)

Cafes are a huge part of the Korean experience. In fact, studies show that Koreans now consume more coffee than they do kimchi and rice! From chain cafes to cat cafes, Korea has just about every type of café imaginable. One of my goals for my four-month exchange is to hit up as many themed […]