Glitters’ Week During the Spring Festivals

We, Glitters, finally have thrown up our second event during this year’s school festival. The Hanyang University festival lasted over 3 days, beginning on May 24th and ending on May 27th. We decided to hold this event for 2 days, which were Wednesday and Thursday. It’s because we think that those are the most populated […]

A Day Out in Insadong

If you want to know what Korea is all about but you feel like your budget is not letting you travel all around the country, you must visit Insa-dong (인사동). The famous neighbourhood is a part of the Jongno-gu district of Seoul. Insa-dong is considered to be one Seoul’s most ancient places and will bring you […]

My Trip to Jeonju (part 1)

I had a short overnight trip to Jeonju at the end of January. Jeonju is a tourist city in Korea which is famous for Hanok Village and Bibimbap. Recently, it has become more popular for some unusual snacks at the food alley there. Plus, I really recommend going to Jeonju to those who are on […]

Dress Up in Hanbok

Hello dear readers! Coming to Korea and not getting to experience dressing up in Hanbok would be a shame. I’ve been on the lookout for place where to try it and after some good research found the best one. But before telling you how to get there I am going all the way back to […]