Places to Eat in Wangsimni (part 2)

Alchon (알촌) This restaurant specializes in dishes that are kind of like the traditional Korean bibimbap, where regular steamed, cooked rice is mixed with different kinds of vegetables and sauces. However, with a more modern twist, Alchon offers simple and cheap options for poor college students like myself. As you can see from the menu, […]

National Museums in Yongsan

This week I’m going to be talking about the Korea National Museum and the Hangeul National Museum. I know these may seem like boring places but it is definitely worth checking out. These two museums will explain most of Korea’s history and help you understand Korea and its culture. If you’re not a museum person […]

A Weekend in Busan and Jinhae

Busan is a wonderful weekend trip that offers a different type of city than Seoul and beautiful beaches! It is a 5 hour bus ride away so it is wise to plan to spend a whole weekend, if not more, there. Also, depending on what you want to do, doing research ahead of time is […]

Bakeries around Hanyang

While there are many things I miss about home like my bed or my dog, the one thing I miss most is bread.  I miss having sandwiches for lunch, peanut butter toast, and late night grilled cheeses. Many western countries eat A LOT of bread, so coming to Korea, the lack of bread, and the […]

Viewing Cherry Blossoms in Seoul

The month of April brings many things, like spring showers and midterm season, but it also brings a beautiful period of cherry blossoms! Apart from going to the major attractions such as Yeouido and Jinhae, there are also many other places to go check out the flowers! Here are a few places that are easy […]

Places to Eat in Wangsimni (part 1)

YookSam Naengmyun (육쌈냉면) A popular spot amongst students, this cold noodle restaurant received its high praise more for their delicious meat! Char grilling their meat, this place gives you a side of it with each noodle dish you get. The menu is very small and has a list of only 3 main dishes: cold soup […]

A Rising Star: The Free Radio Streaming Application ‘BEAT’

Today, literally everyone uses smartphones in their lives. People can listen to music from worldwide at any time by smartphones without mp3 players. YouTube and SNS offers you live concert videos and recent news of your favorite singers real-time. The concept of possessing mp3 (sound source) files of certain songs has moved to the concept of using […]

Korean Indie Music

In Korea, the majority of people are really into commercial music, especially songs of ‘idol groups’. In my opinion, since these groups’ simple and addictive songs always head for success in the market, many songwriters are just making similar songs that pursue ‘hooks’. Outside this mainstream culture, some people make unique songs by themselves. These […]