Unexpected Cultural Surprises in Korea: Public Transportation (part 1)

We have previously discussed transportation methods near Hanyang University (click here for the article), and thus, it feels necessary to discuss the proper etiquette of using public transportation in Korea. Before I start, please be reminded that there is no official set of laws that says that you must follow these rules. Do not worry; […]

Seoul Lantern Festival

Last night I attended the Lantern Festival. The 2014 Seoul Lantern Festival runs from the Novemember 11 to 23, at Cheonggyecheon (청계천). You can get to Cheonggyecheon by taking Line 2 to City Hall Station (시청역), exit 4. Walk 300 meters, and you’ll see the main entrance to Cheonggyecheon. Two ladies are sitting making Kim […]

Pepero Day

Hello dear readers! Today’s post is going to be sweet and delicious because I am going to tell you about an interesting holiday celebrated here in Korea. 11th of November is a special day in Korea. It is called Pepero Day (빼빼로데이). Some of you may know or have heard about it, but for those […]

Touring South Korean Companies (Day 2)

After a very restful sleep at the IBK Bank Training Institute we wake up for breakfast and a presentation on the bank. Today after the Bank presentation we get to tour a Hyundai Plant and Korea East-West Power. I was looking forward to seeing the car factory. The view from my room with the beautiful […]

Touring South Korean Companies (Day 1)

At the end of October I was invited to join the SME (small to medium enterprise) Conference and youth leadership camp which included two days of touring South Korean businesses. The first day included a tour of: CJ Foodville, Samsung, & YG Logistics, followed by a night spent at the IBK Bank Training Facility in […]

Seoul International Full Moon Night Walk

Seoul residents raise millions for Nepal in International Full Moon Night Walk along city centre and walls   Seoul residents have raised millions of won after participating in the city’s International Full Moon Night Walk on Nov. 8 (Sat.), 2014. The charity event saw more than 500 people walk 10 km from Seoul Museum of […]

The Colours of Seoul (part 4)

Photos by Mirela from Bulgaria

Attend a Hakwon (cram school) to Improve Your Korean!

Hakwon is a for-profit cram school that Korean students pay to attend after their regular school classes. Almost all Korean students attend some sort of hakwon – either academic or nonacademic. The most popular classes that students regularly attend are foreign languages (such as English or Chinese) often for the purpose of improving their grammar […]