Touring South Korean Companies (Day 2)

After a very restful sleep at the IBK Bank Training Institute we wake up for breakfast and a presentation on the bank. Today after the Bank presentation we get to tour a Hyundai Plant and Korea East-West Power. I was looking forward to seeing the car factory.


The view from my room with the beautiful fall colours.

After a presentation from IBK Bank on the company philosophy the presenter pressed a button and the screen pulled away to reveal this beautiful view. The bank mainly makes loans to small to medium businesses and is majority owned by the federal government. The company’s purpose is to stimulate business in Korea.


We had not realized we were next to a beautiful water reservoir and so much beautiful views as we had arrived late at night the day before. It was quite an impressive reveal.


After the presentation we were given some time to wander around the pretty campus.

26 27 28

Next we piled back on the bus to go to the Hyundai Asan Plant.


We were not allowed to take photos inside the factory but here is a photo of me next to the Hyundai Logo. The factory was quite remarkable however. It was 90 percent automated with robotics with very few people to be seen. The plant was very clean and not very loud. I found a video of the plant on the internet to show you


When we left we were given a car. A really really small car… 38 times too small for my taste. Ha ha!

We had some lunch at Hyundai then headed to Korea East-West Power for our last tour.



They took us up to the top of a nearby hill to a beautiful gazebo with an outlook of the plant. After a photo shoot we piled on the bus for a bus tour of the plant.

33 34 35

These shovel machines can empty a ship of coal at an alarmingly fast rate. The coal used at the plant comes from all over the world including Canada.


Seen here are the large generator buildings and the administrative building where we went for dinner before heading back to Seoul.


Article by Read from Canada


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