Pepero Day

Hello dear readers!

Today’s post is going to be sweet and delicious because I am going to tell you about an interesting holiday celebrated here in Korea.

11th of November is a special day in Korea. It is called Pepero Day (빼빼로데이). Some of you may know or have heard about it, but for those who have no idea what Pepero Day is, well keep reading the following post and you will find out.

On top of the so many different days they celebrate here in Korea, Pepero Day has to be the sweetest one. Why? Simply because it is all about giving sweets to your friends or that special someone you have (you really have to be dating in Korea, otherwise you’d better find a good jajangmyeon place for Black day, but more about this and other quirky Korean holidays in my next post!!!) and not just any sweets BUT special Pepero cheese sticks, dipped into compound chocolate.

Legend has it that Pepero Day began in 1994 when middle-school girls in the southern city of Busan decided to give each other pepero on 11/11 with wishes to become skinny like the snack stick (which is naively insane because eating those will make you ANYTHING but SKINNY) or the four 1’s that make up the date.

And by legend, well, it is meant a story that has been circulating in the local media and cited by Lotte (the company which makes those Peperos). More logical reason behid this day’s tradition will be the resemblance of the 1’s in the date November 11th – 11/11 with the shape of the pepero sticks.


Regardless of its beginning, one thing is for sure, 11th of November or the so-called Pepero Day has become a huge consumer holiday with more that just a positive effect on marketing. Stores decorate, do promotions and carry Pepero with fancy packaging and gift packs of the snack for the holiday.


People on the other hand, have no other option but be part of it. If there is one thing I’ve noticed here in Korea, it is the fact that Koreans do love their traditions. The more popular it is, the bigger the fuss.

20141110_193650 20141110_193657














Important thing to mention is the fact that the day is not limited to romantic gift-giving only. Friends, families, colleagues and businesses take part in this cute sweets exchange, too.

..When in Rome do as the Romans do. I made sure I got enough of the chocolate-coated wand-like pretzel snack to give to my friends.

20141111_092112 20141111_092150

I hope you’ve got some Peperos from your friends and enjoyed this delicious holiday!


Article by Jani from Bulgaria

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