A Semester as a HUBS Reporter

Junghoon Park

After I entered Hanyang University Business School in 2014, I never knew there was a blog reporter before I got an email from business school. They were looking for people, who can do a reporter for a semester. I never knew there was such blog in business school. Only a week after receiving the mail, I got a message that the reporter position is full of applicants so that they had to end the hiring process. I was very reluctant at first because, I might not be able to pass the application because I never had an experience as a reporter. Moreover, at the interview day, even though it was the first day of the class, he did not end early. He would go on for 50 minutes. I made a promise that I would visit the office before 17:00, but I arrived at 17:10. Being late for an interview is the worst-case scenario for any event. Contrary to my expectations the office understood my situation and I was accepted and began to write articles, which was a great opportunity.

When I was writing articles at first, I had topics swarming in my head. I thought it would never run out; like a “Fountain of youth”. As time goes by I began to run out of topics, the concept of “Fountain of youth” met the reality; no such things exist in the real world. However, every article I wrote were based on personal experience not others. I tried to link my personal experience with the text. I did not want any poor paraphrase of famous travel blogs that depict Seoul from their point of view. Accordingly, I brought up almost every personal experience I had when I was wandering around Seoul. For example, the article on “The poet’s hill” was based on my prior visits to the hill combined with some research on that area, reading two news articles on that spot. If you have experience to share with foreigners, and you have the appropriate English ability to do so, I highly recommend joining the reporters. In university, most of English articles are focused on academic writing. Academic writing may be the best method for enhancing one’s ability as a university student. However, students cannot write what they want to write. They must write on a given topic or they have to follow a strict standard such as APA, MLA, Harvard etc. As a reporter in HUBS blog, I did not have to comply to these strict rules. I can write freely, adding many photos as I wish.

The best thing about HUBS reporter is that business school does not enforce what articles to write. Some schools and some organizations that does blog reporters enforce what article their reporters are supposed to write on agenda that the host requires them to. If the reporter does not like the agenda, he or she must leave or face the consequences. However, HUBS reporters have the freedom to write anything. We could write about anything that would be beneficial to foreign exchange students who are visiting the school. I do not know that my articles are read by exchange students and were proven helpful to them. Nevertheless, being a reporter and sharing my personal experience with others was truly a fascinating job to do. For people, who are contemplating on being a reporter for next semester, I recommend it as a great opportunity to share your experiences with others.

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