Korean Dance Battle

Last weekend I competed in the Battle Korea Lindy Hop Competition at the Big Apple Bar near Bangbae Station (방배역) in Seoul. The competition takes one day with the preliminary competitions taking place in the afternoon and the finals at night. Most of the best dancers in Korea were in attendance including the top dancers from […]

Dress Up in Hanbok

Hello dear readers! Coming to Korea and not getting to experience dressing up in Hanbok would be a shame. I’ve been on the lookout for place where to try it and after some good research found the best one. But before telling you how to get there I am going all the way back to […]

Korean Cosmetic Shops

Korean cosmetic products are affordable and easily accessible. Some popular Korean cosmetic stores include Etude House, Innisfree, Too Cool for School, Missha and etc. Each brand offers their own exclusive set of moisturizing and whitening products, lipsticks, eyeliner, facemasks, and more. Most, if not all Korean brands have their own theme and marketing strategy – […]

Unexpected Cultural Surprises in Korea: Interactions on Campus and off Campus

It’s a different country, a different culture, which means different ways to interact with people! The interactions and relationships on the college campus and daily life are different in Korea! Here is a quick rundown of interactions between fellow students, your professors, and others!   Senior/Junior (선배/후배) In Korea, there is a word that is […]

The Colours of Hanok and Seoul Tower

Photos by Mirela from Bulgaria