Getting Your Haircut in Wangsimni

So today we will talk about quite an unusual topic. Our today’s theme is barbershops in the neighborhood. In other words, where you can have a haircut around Hanyang University (한양대). I have to warn in advance, that there will be no fun in this article, so if you are not looking for a place to cut your hair, just move on to the next article.

As I said this is purely utilitarian article. When I came here I had a rather short hair, however, after one and a half months I realized that I certainly have to fine a barbershop. However, I wasn’t aware of the places around. Moreover, I heard from some people that they had some bad experience somewhere and had their hairstyle ruined by the Korean hairdressers. In addition, I have a slightly curly hair and I was told that the local hairdressers might have a problem with it since all Koreans have a straight hair.

As a result of all this concerns I hesitated and procrastinated with my haircut for another month till the point when I could no longer stand my long hair (it was about 8 centimeters I think, but since I usually have it 3-4 centimeters, it was long from my standpoint). Finally, I asked around, and my friend from US, who is a full time student here, recommended me to go to the one barbershops I will describe below.

The bottom line is I had a decent haircut and a rather nice experience. I hope that this article will help you with a similar problem, so let’s proceed with particular barbershops around.


1. Xino Hair(지노헤어)

The first barbershop is called Xino. This barbershop is the one I went to in order to have a haircut. It is located on the way to the Wangshimni station and if you have spent at least a few weeks here, you surely walked by a few times.


Source: Google Maps

It is located in the black corner building. The barbershop itself is on the third floor and you would be able to see it through the windows.


Source: Personal photos

The haircut costed me 11,000 Won. However, it was a fairly decent haircut, plus, they will wash your hair and make a kind of head massage. In addition, if you stay here longer than a semester, there is a kind of promotion there so that every time you come there you can get a stamp in the special book and every fifth haircut is half price or free (or something like that).

All in all, I was pretty satisfied with a chosen barbershop. However, it might seem small and rather cheap if you got used to professional stylists and beauty salons.


2. Juno Hair (준오헤어)

This one would rather satisfy those mentioned above. I have to admit I haven’t had an experience in this particular barbershop but I glanced inside and it looks like an expensive beauty salon with professional stylists. I wouldn’t be surprised if a haircut here would be 2-3 times higher than in Xino. It is located at Wangsimni Station (왕십리역).


Source: Google Maps

You can find this barbershop on the second floor (on the same floor as Electro Mart (일렉트로마트) or the second floor of the Emart (이마트)). It is in the very back, opposite to the Emart.


Another advantage for the girls to go there is that there are some other beauty salons just by its side so you would be able to do everything at once, probably.



3. The One in the Hanyang Student Union (한양대학교 학생회관)

The last one is the most convenient one for the students, probably. However, I heard some bad feedbacks from some students who had a haircut there. I don’t honestly know how good is it, but if you don’t really care about your hair’s look or if it is hard to ruin it (e.g. it is very short), that very likely would be my choice.

It is located in the student union and just in case you don’t know where it is then shame on you! Just kidding, look on the map below;)


Source: Google Maps

The barbershop is on the second floor to the other side of the stairs than International Cafe (학생회관 International Cafe). It is hard to miss.

7 8


Article by Pavel from Russia

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