An Easy Way to Enjoy Futsal in Korea

Lim, Do Yeub


Did you know there is a way to enjoy futsal without having any team or making annoying stadium reservations? In Korea, there is an online futsal matching platform called ‘Plabfootball’. If you want to enjoy futsal but don’t have your team and don’t know how to make a reservation, you can use Plabfootball and easily enjoy the match. Plabfootball prepares everything for you.


             First of all, go to a website ‘’. To use the service, you need your own ID. Making an ID requires a valid email address or you can simply use your Kakao ID if you already have one. After that, you can see all matches currently available with their location, time, and the number of people available. As you can see on the picture above, there are 29 matches available in Seoul on November 1st. You can check whether the match will be soon closed or not. Sometimes, there are matches with three teams so you can also check that.


             If you want to join the match, you need to click the match. Then, you can find the detailed information of the stadium, fee, match level, manager, and etc. The fee is 10,000 KRW, so you should fill up the cash through the website and pay it when you register for the match. You can check the information about refunds on the website. The match is automatically cancelled if there are not enough participants until 1 hour and half before the match starts. When there are enough people so that the match is going to be held, they send you a Kakaotalk message or an email with more detailed information regarding the match.


             When you go to a stadium for the match, there will be a Plab manager. He or she will check if everyone is there and divide teams. The manager will check the match time, be a referee, check for rotation, etc. He or she will do everything for the match, so all you have to do is to enjoy the game. Of course, you should play with a polite manner all the time. If not, you can get a poor manner score and this will be recorded on your data. If you have a poor score, you can be restricted from using the service for a certain amount of time. You will lose your manner score in situations such as being late for the match, wearing gears inappropriate for futsal(this includes normal football boots with spikes), not following the manager’s orders, swearing on others, etc. Make sure to behave yourself in order to keep using the service. Also, there are regulations regarding COVID-19 vaccinations nowadays, so check this before you apply for the match, too.

             If you really want to play futsal but are struggling on finding teammates or locations, why don’t you try using Plabfootball? I also used Plabfootball several times, and I can strongly recommend using the service if you are enthusiastic and well-mannered players.

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