Discount For Hanyang University Students

Hello fellow Hanyang University students. Do you guys know about the discounts you can get just for being a Hanyang University Student? This time I am here to inform you about the Hanyang University discounts for students! From online stores with Apple to TacoBell, there are lots in offer. I hope the information may be […]

Seonyudo Island Park

October in Seoul has passed, which means that the weather has cooled down preparing for the oncoming winter season. This is the last and perfect time to go and visit one of many Seoul’s wonderful parks; avoiding the extreme heat of summer and right before the extreme cold of winter. For this week, I’ll introduce […]

Trip to the DMZ

The Korean Demilitarized Zone or simply DMZ is that strip of land, running across the Korean Peninsula, dividing the two Koreas. It basically serves as a buffer zone to prevent directly military collisions. Before coming to Korea, I’ve had only heard about this place but knew I had to visit it. I really want to […]

Transportation Systems Close to Hanyang University

This week I’ll cover the different transportation systems near Hanyang University Main sources of transportation Seoul Subway (Metro) Bus Airport limousine Taxi   T- Money Card No matter which source of transportation you prefer, make sure to carry a T-Money card with you at all times (Your student ID card also functions as a T-money […]

Gyeongdong Market

While I’m leaning over bags of wood chunks and yellow and velvet blossoms of scented plants unknown to me, someone pulls my arm and when I turn, I see through the lenses of the camera, a woman pointing at a metal bucket full of blue bags. The short skinny granny shoots something in Korean, looks […]

A Nighttime Picnic to Yeouinaru and Mapo Bridge

Last Wednesday, I went to Yeouinaru (여의나루) for a picnic by the riverside and watch the total eclipse of the moon. I recommend you to visit parks near Han River (한강) such as Ttukseom (뚝섬), Banpo (반포), and Yeouinaru with your friends before the weather gets too cold. Enjoy “Chimaek (Chiken&Beer)” with the breathtaking night time […]

Ihwa-dong Mural Village

Looking for something to do for an afternoon in Seoul? Well then, you should head to the Ihwa-dong Mural Village (이화동벽화마을)! Filled with beautiful murals, petite boutique shops, and artistic cafes, Ihwa Mural Village is the perfect place to go on a beautiful day to take pictures. In 2006, a local art committee took on […]

Icheon Rice Cultural Festival

Hello dear readers. In today’s post I will tell you about a festival you shouldn’t miss during your stay in Korea! I got the chance to go to Icheon Rice Culture Festival (이천 쌀문화축제), which took place at Seolbong Park(설봉공원) in Icheon. This is a city in Gyeonggi Province (경기도) and be careful because it shouldn’t […]