My Short Trip to Busan

I went on a short trip to Busan last weekend! Since it was only a one-day trip, I didn’t get a chance to visit many places.   How to get to Busan? Take the KTX (High speed rail system)! The Korean government offers a discount ticket (called the KR pass) for foreigners. It’s much cheaper […]

Hanyang Fall Festival (애한제) – part 2: The Experience

The Hanyang University Festival (애한제) has finally came and gone and this article is of my general impressions of the festival. The festival this year was at first met with mixed views especially with the festival being pushed to the second semester due to the sad national tragedy of Sewol shipwreck. Those who had experienced […]

Lotte World

The world’s largest indoor theme park, Lotte World exists in Seoul, only a 20-minute subway ride from Hanyang Station! It is also famous for it’s appearances on Korean dramas and variety shows, like in Stairway to Heaven, Full House, and Running Man. You will get off the Jamsil Station (잠실역) and head to exits 3 […]

Multiple Shopping Complexes in Seoul

If you are sick, tired, and bored of the Wangshimni area, I recommend to you some fancy multiple shopping complexes in Seoul. I picked 3 places based on size, convenience, and distance from Wangshimni where many foreign students live. 1. Yeongdeungpo Timesquare Yeongdeungpo Market station, Yeouido, Yeouinaru station subway line 5 (purple line) /, […]

Nami Island

Have you been wondering what to do or visit over the weekend or just in your spare time? If you are tired from the ever buzzing and busy streets of Seoul, here is my suggestion to you – Nami Island or Namisum (남이섬 in Korean). This is a small, half-moon shaped island, located in Chuncheon, […]

The Colours of Seoul (part 3)

Photos by Mirela from Bulgaria