Night Markets in Seoul

When traveling to other countries we can see that there are many night markets. These markets become a nice destination to hangout for both tourists and locals. We could eat cheap food, buy some souvenirs, and have a drink with friends. So, I am going to introduce night markets in Seoul and show you the […]

Rooftops for Spring!

A long chilly winter has finally gone and spring has already arrived. As the weather gets warmer, you can go out with your friends, lovers etc. There are several ways to enjoy spring and one of them is looking down a night view of Seoul (서울). There are several ways to enjoy a night view […]

The Coolest Coffee Shops in Seoul (by Jieun)

It is not too much to say that coffee has become a big part of Korean culture in the last few years. According to a research by Seoul Metropolitan Government, there are over 18,000 coffee shops in Seoul as of December, 2016. From big names like Starbucks to small local shops, Seoul provides you a […]

Chinese Food in Seoul (Part 1)

Time flies. Now, my exchange life is one month away from being over. Although Korean food is delicious, I miss Chinese food from time to time. I think most Chinese exchange students have same feeling too. Also, there are many foreign students may want to try some Chinese food here. Therefore, I will introduce three Chinese […]

Seoul Lantern Festival

This time, while living in Seoul, South Korea, I attended the Seoul Lantern Festival. While last year’s theme was the ” Illuminated Seoul Tour “, this year’s theme is ” Seoul Lantern Festival 2016 ( 서울빛초롱축제 )  . ” This festival is located in Cheonggyecheon Plaza (청계광장) to Supyogyo Bridge (수표교). To go there you […]

A Short Walk Around City Hall!

  I don’t know about you but I really enjoy walking around, seeing people and places especially in a big city abroad. Today I am going to present you one nice route to take in Seoul to both enjoy the walk and see a part of the city. During this walk you will be able […]

Work Hard, Play Hard!

I know I’ve said in my last article, but I will repeat it so that it stays in your head. What is nice when you live Seoul (서울) (or the other cities in South Korea) is the number of free activities that is huge ! Member of a Korean group SAYUL (Say About Beautiful Korea […]

Living in Seoul and at Hanyang University (part 1): Overview and Costs

1. Overview (Personal comments): I had a very nice time on my school exchange to Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea. I signed up for the exchange through the myHubs program. I was fortunate to be granted a scholarship that paid for part of my flight, for my housing, and gave me a living allowance. […]