The review of 2 Korean Coffee Franchises

Jeonghun Park Coffee shops or Cafés are everywhere in Korea. The claim that there are more Starbucks in Seoul than in New York is proven true. So, it would not be wrong to call drinking coffee a national pastime. There are numerous franchises that sell coffee or coffee-based drinks inside their stores.  Some are satisfactory, […]

The Coolest Coffee Shops in Seoul (by Jieun)

It is not too much to say that coffee has become a big part of Korean culture in the last few years. According to a research by Seoul Metropolitan Government, there are over 18,000 coffee shops in Seoul as of December, 2016. From big names like Starbucks to small local shops, Seoul provides you a […]

Cafes in Seoul

Cafes make up an important part of Korean culture. It is a perfect place for students, couples, or working people of all ages to relax and enjoy some leisure after a long day. It is also a popular place of choice for a date, group meeting, or for people who are simply looking for a […]