Rooftops for Spring!

A long chilly winter has finally gone and spring has already arrived. As the weather gets warmer, you can go out with your friends, lovers etc. There are several ways to enjoy spring and one of them is looking down a night view of Seoul (서울). There are several ways to enjoy a night view of Seoul and one of them is going to rooftop cafe or restaurant. It is a cafe or restaurant which is on the top of a building or hill so you can see a view while eating or drinking. It became famous in recent days by SNS, especially by Facebook and Instagram. Today, I will introduce several roof top cafes in Seoul.

There are many rooftop cafes in Itaewon (이태원). It’s like a shrine of rooftop cafe in Seoul. Among them, ‘Oriole’, ‘PP Seoul’, ‘Richardcopycat’ are famous. Oriole is a cafe which Jungyup (정엽), a famous singer in South Korea, owns. It locates at the alley of Haebangchon (해방촌) which is near from Itaewon.

Source: Naver Maps

Oriole is a cafe and bar until 6pm and it turns to a bar after 6pm. You can’t reserve a seat so you have to go early or wait a line if you want to enjoy the cafe or bar. It is very famous so you have to wait a long time if you go late, especially in evening. Also, the wall on the rooftop is made of transparent glass so that a night view of Seoul seems more realistic.

Source: Instagram@hkim11028

PP Seoul is also a rooftop cafe which interior design makes you feel like being in another country. PP Seoul locates near Namsan (남산). (사진7) Unlike Oriole, there are some parking lots at PP Seoul, so you can ride a car to enjoy it. Also, at PP Seoul, you can enjoy various Thai food. PP Seoul is very famous cafe/restaurant so you have to reserve if you want to go there. (사진 2)315

Source: Naver Maps

Source: Instagram@gracia_eunhye_kim

Richardcopycat is little bit different from previous rooftop cafe. Unlike other rooftop cafe or restaurant, it has open door not located at the top of building. Also, at Richardcopycat, there are several very big palm trees. These palm trees can make you feel an exotic atmosphere. You can enjoy various delicious foods and cocktails. Especially, if you pay 29,000 Won, you can enjoy cocktail unrestricted. Richardcopycat was also broadcasted at a famous tv show ‘tastey road’. (사진 3) It locates at near Itaewon station. (사진8)

Source: Naver Maps

Source: Instagram@salondeboutique_jinju

Most menu of rooftop cafes in Itaewon are relatively expensive. Also, there are so many people so you have to reserve or wait in a line. If you feel burden of expensive price or a lot of people, you can enjoy ‘Cafe Travel’ in Hyehwa. At Cafe Travel, you can enjoy a night view of Seoul and drinks as much as your likes in proper price. You can enjoy a different night view of seoul compared to rooftop cafes in Itaewon. Also, Naksan Park (낙산공원) and Ihwa Mural Village (이화벽화마을) is near the cafe so you can enjoy them too. (사진 4) (사진9)

Source: Naver Maps

Source: Instagram@sam_view

If you want to have luxurious dinner at rooftop restaurant, L7 hotel in Myeongdong will be perfect for you. 21th floor of Myeongdong L7 hotel is ‘Roof-top Bar Floating’ Myeongdong L7 hotel is very near from Myeongdong station line number 4. You can find easily if you go out to number 9 exit. As it locates at Myeongdong, you can see a night view where Myeongdong, a downtown and Namsan are harmonized. Also, like PP Seoul, you have to reserve if you want to use rooftop restaurant. You can enjoy some cocktails, draft beer, and various plates. This rooftop restaurant is very exclusive which is different compared to previous ones. It is the biggest rooftop bar in South Korea. Also, you can use this rooftop bar in free if you stay in the hotel.(사진5, 사진10)

Source: Naver Maps

Above these, you can enjoy more rooftop cafes or restaurants in Sangsudong (삼성동), Gangnam (삼성동), and many others. Rooftop cafes or restaurants are common in overseas countries however, the view you can see is different from other countries. Also, it has attraction that all rooftop cafes in seoul shows you a slightly different view of seoul. It seems similar but it has different view from others. As weather gets warm, how about going to a rooftop cafe and enjoy the unforgettable night view of Seoul?


Article by Yongshin from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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