Subway Trip Around Seoul (Line 2)

How often do you use subway? You might use subway for various purpose like going to school, etc. Subway is one of the most popular public transportation in especially Seoul (서울). In Seoul, subway is relatively more developed than other cities. There are more than 10 subway lines in Seoul. Therefore, you can go many places by using subway. It is good to visit various places in Seoul by taking subway so I’d like to introduce subway travel by using line number 2. You might be familiar to line number 2 because it stops by at Hanyang University Station (한양대역). Besides, line number 2 pass many hot places in Seoul.

Source: Naver Map

Tteokbokki (떡볶이) is one of the most popular food in Korea. Many people like eating Tteokbokki. Sindang is the origin of Tteokbokki. There are Sindangdong Tteokbokki town near Sindang Station (신당역). Sindang station is subway station that line number 2 and 6 pass. You can visit Sindangdong Tteokbokki town by getting off at exit number 7 and going straight for 2 blocks. There are so many Tteokbokki restaurants. The origin of Tteokbokki town is ‘Mabokrim Grandmother Tteokbokki Restaurant (마복림할머니 막내아들네)’. Mabokrim grandmother started Tteokbokki restaurant from 1953, after the Korean War. She first invented the Sindangdong style Tteokbokki. In 1970s, Sindangdong Tteokbokki town was at golden age. It reflects flow of the time and many kinds of Tteokbokki invented. Because of many franchise stores, the number of customers in Sindangdong Tteokbokki town decreased. However, it will be nice to enjoy the origin of Tteokbokki.

You might be familiar to Yeouido Hangang Park (여의도한강공원) or Seoul Forest (서울숲). But have you heard about Borame Park (보라매공원)? It is a very big park in southern part of Seoul. Borame park locates near Sindaebang Station (신대방역). You can go to Borame park by getting off at exit number 4. The place where Borame park locates originally was the Air Force Academy (공군훈련소). As the Air Force Academy moved to other places, Borame Park was made. It first opened in 1986. It is a huge park that it takes posession of nearly 400,000 square meters. There are lots of amenities. For example, sports facilities like tennis court, sports center and reading room, youth hall, etc. Also, trail is well developed so you can take a walk in a park. There is a big lake in the park and it gives you a nice view. At youth hall, various programs are going along so many parents enjoy to visit the park. In addition, there is a artificial rock climbing wall. It is hard to enjoy artificial rock climbing in Seoul, so it will be a good chance to enjoy rock climbing. Borame Park is like a shelter inside of a city, It will be good to visit Borame Park for picnic or jogging or for sports activity.

Between Ulji-ro 3rd Street Station (을지로3가역) and Ulji-ro 4th Street Station (을지로4가역), you can find an old shopping center. It is Se-un Arcade (세운상가). Se-un Arcade was built in 1968. It is the first multipurpose building in South Korea. 1st to 4th floor is arcade and from 5th floor is apartment It was the highest class apartment so many actors, and high ranking officials live at that apartment. Se-un Arcade is the first electronics shopping center. However from late 1970th, it lost its popularity. In 2000s, it became obsoleted. Nowadays, Seoul city try to start urban restoration and Se-un Arcade became the first project of urban restoration of Seoul city. Especially, at observatory, you can see the view of Seoul and Jongmyo Shrine (종묘). Se-un Arcade  is little bit old but it will be new for you to visit 1970s shopping center. Also, it will be changed into nice places after the project so you might enjoy visiting Seun Arcade.


Article by Yongshin from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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