At Last! Jamsil Lotte World Tower (Part 1)

On April 3rd, Jamsil Lotte World Tower (잠실 롯데월드타워) finally opened. It is a 123 floor building at 555 meters, making it the tallest building in South Korea currently, and also the fifth tallest building in the world. Lotte spent 6 years and 3 months to build this building. During the construction of the building, there were several accidents and arguments related to safety. Despite of these worries, Jamsil Lotte World Tower is completed and people expects that it will become the landmark of Seoul. There are two buildings newly constructed, Jamsil Lotte World Tower and Jamsil Lotte World Mall (잠실 롯데월드몰). You can visit there by taking down at Jamsil Station (잠실역). It is directly connected from the station. Today, I will introduce Jamsil Lotte World Tower.

Source: Google Maps


As mentioned earlier, Jamsil Lotte World Tower is composed of 123 floors. So what kind of things in each floor of the building? It contains various facilities and can be separated into 6 sections. Floors 1 to 12 are called the podium. Lotte states that it will be a lobby and complex service places. There will be various amenities like a financial center, health care centers, and other related facilities. From floors 14 to 38, it will be office space. Many multinational corporations will move into the building and open an office. Lotte tries to attract various companies to the building and expects that it will be hubs of global business. From the 42~71 floors, it will be Signiel Residences, a high-end residence for Seoul’s citizens. It will offer the highest level of luxury lifestyle. Also, various amenities like a fitness club and a gallery will be in place. From 76~101 floors, it will be Signiel Seoul. It is luxury hotel and provides the world best level of services. The hotel will be labeled a six star hotel. You can see Incheon Sea from the hotel. From 108~114 floors, it will be Premier 7. It is a space of private office. Interesting point is that Premier 7 is for just 7 offices. That means one can own a whole floor of Lotte World Tower. It is the highest office facility in South Korea.

Above Premier 7, there is Seoul Sky (서울 스카이). Seoul Sky is the observatory of the Lotte World Tower. It is also the highest observatory in South Korea. It takes up 7 floors, from 117~123 floors. There are various cafes, lounge, and huge terrace at Seoul Sky. On the 118th floor, there is sky deck which the floor is composed of glass. It is the world highest glass floor observatory according to Guiness World Record. Also, on 120 floor, there is sky terrace. You can get out and experience a clean view of Seoul. You will take elevator to go to Seoul Sky. From first basement level to 118 floor, it just takes a minute. Besides, a sky show and sky theater will also be made at Seoul Sky. (사진4,5)



To celebrate the construction of Lotte World Tower, Lotte prepared a large scale fireworks event. On April 2nd, at Lotte World Tower, from 9pm, fireworks continued for 11 minutes. It was the world longest fireworks in the world compared to other skyscrapers like Taipei 101 or Burj Khalifa. Approximately 30,000 fireworks went off and cost approximately 4 billion Won. Almost four hundred thousand people came to Jamsil and watched fireworks. Next to the Lotte World Tower, there was a concert and some famous singers featuring great performances. Many people were satisfied of the fireworks. After the show ended, many videos and pictures spread around the Internet, especially at Social Network Services like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. (사진6,7,9,10)

Source: photo by Han Seung Hee

Source: photo by Han Seung Hee

Source: photo by Han Seung Hee

Lotte World Tower was a contentious issue during construction, especially for safety issue. Anyhow, it completed the construction and many people expect that it will be landmark of Seoul and guess it will give various benefits to them. It will be nice to enjoy various amenities and visit the observatory, to get a nice view of Seoul.


Article by Yongshin from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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