Trendy Places in Seoul: Iksandong

Kim Yunkun Hi guys! Let me introduce to you to another hot trending place for the Koreans! This time the place is called Iksan-dong. Iksan-dong is the oldest Hanok(Korean traditional house) village in Seoul. Just an ordinary looking house in Iksan-dong may be over 100 years old. In 1920 during the period of Japapnese colonialism, […]

Rooftops for Spring!

A long chilly winter has finally gone and spring has already arrived. As the weather gets warmer, you can go out with your friends, lovers etc. There are several ways to enjoy spring and one of them is looking down a night view of Seoul (서울). There are several ways to enjoy a night view […]

24/7 Places to Study On and Off Campus

Hello, everyone. Good to see you again, after the long and harsh exam period. How were the midterm exams? Did you study all night? By the way, where did you study? If you had been wandering around the campus looking for a warm and cozy studying area, I would like to suggest several places on […]

Budget Cafés in Wangsimni

            In Korea, small cafés are increasingly becoming popular among people of all ages, especially middle/high school or undergraduate students. When you are strolling along the street in Wangsimni (왕십리), you can easily spot many of people standing or ordering their drinks outside the café. That’s because most of cafes are […]

Café Craze (part 2) – Cute Cafés in Seoul

Café the Nora I was in the Hongdae (홍대) and Sangsu (상수) area this weekend, and of course, I forgot my umbrella and it started to rain. To dodge the rain, I stumbled into the nearest café I saw, and to my delight it was one of the cutest cafes ever! Café the Nora is […]

Spring Feature: Hongdae Dating-Courses

Are you fully enjoying this beautiful weather these days? If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend in Korea, how about visiting Hongdae this weekend and enjoy distinctive dates? I introduce you the top 5 date-courses in Hongdae today. I couldn’t experience the 5 courses by myself (because I have no boyfriend now :-/), so […]