Night Markets in Seoul

When traveling to other countries we can see that there are many night markets. These markets become a nice destination to hangout for both tourists and locals. We could eat cheap food, buy some souvenirs, and have a drink with friends. So, I am going to introduce night markets in Seoul and show you the best way to enjoy these night markets.

In march 24 the Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market (서울 밤도깨비 야시장) was opened. The Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market is an officially planed night market by Seoul city. This is an annual festival managed by Seoul Metropolitan Government and every year this festival opens it prospers. There are two purposes for the night market and one is to make a culture in Seoul with citizens. As we can infer from the name bamdokkaebi which means night goblin it origins from an unlicensed flea market. These unlicensed markets appeared at night and vanished like a goblin. So, the term bamdokkaebi was a familiar world for the people in Seoul. And now days we use the term bamdokkaebi as a meaning that we can experience a totally new world at the market.

The second purpose is to make a new business model in Seoul. By opening a night market festival business related to food trucks, tourism would prosper and will positively affect Seoul’s economy. Moreover, Seoul is supporting food truck startups by making a merchant friendly environment in the bamdokkaebi market. By the convergence of the culture, plenty attractions, and various goods from the market bamdokkaebi market will become a leading trend for everybody. Specifically, there are 4 places that are opening the bamdokkaebi market. I will introduce all the four places.


  1. Yeouido World Night Market (여의도 월드 나이트마켓)

The market in Yeouido (여의도) is held at Mulbitt Plaza, Yeouido Hangang Park, 330 Yeouidong-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul (서울시 영등포구 여의동로 330 여의도한강공원 물빛광장)

Source: Google Maps

The main theme of the market is world night market where we can feel the world outside Korea. There are many kinds of foods and some hand-crafted souvenirs from all over the world. Also, there are many shows about traditional Korean dance and many shows from various countries are prepared. By enjoying various foods and performances from all over the world we get to experience a trip around the world.

Source: 자유분방

Well if you have some time before the night market opens you can look around the national assembly building library. Or if the library seems quite boring you could look around the IFC mall. In there are lots of things to do including shopping, restaurants, also theaters.

Opens: every Fridays and Saturdays 18:00~23:00


  1. DDP Cheongchun Runway Market (청춘 런웨이 마켓)

The market is held at 281 Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (서울시 중구 을지로 281)

Source: Google Maps

The theme of the market is youthfulness. There will be many young man dreaming of a nice business. As the theme youthfulness in DDP night market there will be plenty of energetic DJ performances and fashion shows. Along with the food we eat we will be into the young and energetic festival. The best part of the market at DDP is that DDP is landmark where many people can enjoy inside. So we don’t need to be concerned of what we will do after we look around the market. Near the DDP there will be fascinating places to take pictures with your friend like the place that has hundreds of LED roses.

Opens: every Fridays and Saturdays 19:00~24:00


  1. Cheonggyecheon Time Slim Market (청계천 타임 슬림마켓)

The market is in Mojeongyo~Gwang-gyo Bridge, Seolin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul (서울시 종로구 서린동 모전교~광교 일대)

Source: Google Maps

This market will be the most Korean like market. There will be lots of traditional performances.

There will be more attractions for people who came for the bamdokkaebi market. Near Cheonggyecheon there are many other attractions. Why not go to the DDP night market which is not that far from Cheonggyecheon.

Opens: every Saturdays and Sundays 16:30~21:30


  1. Banpo Nangman Dalbit Market (반포 낭만달빛마켓)

The market is in Dalbit Plaza, Banpo Hangang Park, Banpo2-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul (서울시 서초구 반포2동 반포한강공원 달빛광장)

The theme of this market is romantic. It is because of the pretty glowing fountain at Banpo bridge.

As same as other markets above, this market also has plenty of things to do, eat, and watch.

Besides the glowing fountain you can see the lightening in the small islands in the river. Having a look around will be awesome. Moreover, the Seoul Express Bus Terminal (서울고속버스터미널) is quite near so it could be a nice idea to look around some clothes at the shopping area in the terminal.

Opens: every Fridays and Saturdays 18:00~23:00


There is also a season market at Cheonggye Plaza (청계광장). It opens on May 19, 20, 21, August 18, 19, September 15, 16, 17, and October 13, 14, 15 so please be aware of the dates.


Article by Jonghyuk from Korea, a Sophomore in Business Administration

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