Korean Movie Snacks

Mingi Woo

Have you ever visited a cinema in Korea? Well, there is one unique feature of Korean cinemas – their movie snacks. Today, I will quickly introduce you to some special Korean movie snacks that you might find interesting.

  1. Popcorn

Popcorn is the staple of all movie snacks. However, popcorn is done a little differently here in Korea. Instead of being drenched in butter, Korean butter popcorn has more of a dry butter flavor. The description might seem strange, but trust me, it is worth a try. The second most popular flavor is caramel popcorn. Korean caramel popcorn is different from what is normally considered caramel popcorn. Instead of a thick, sticky layer of caramel that can make the popcorn soggy, Korean caramel popcorn has a thin, crunchy sugar coating.

  1. Butter Squid

Many foreigners get confused when squid comes out as a dish in South Korea. It might even seem bizarre to be eaten as a snack. However, it might surprise you how popular it is as a theater snack in Korea. As the name implies, it is grilled squid covered in butter. The texture is chewy, salty, and has a hint of sweetness from the butter. Some theaters also offer different flavors of squid besides the basic butter flavor.

  1. Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are mostly associated with baseball in the United States. However, in Korea, you can find them in unexpected places like movie theaters and PC cafes. Just like the popcorn and the butter squid, there are several different kinds of hot dogs to choose from. They also come in a small box, which is convenient if you want to avoid making a mess.

These three were my pick for the strangest/unique theater snacks you will find here in Korea. When you go to see a movie, make sure to try some of them for yourself.

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