Daegu Trip Part 2



Did you guys like the last part?

Let’s continue the journey guys 👏

So, after having a heartful meal, the next location was the Skypark building.

Here, the top floor/ rooftop of the building was a mini amusement park. They had a few nice rides however most of them were for kids. They is a skywalk area and a big Ferris wheel and a ride named “Disko”. These were the things I enjoyed the most among all rides there.

These were all the rides I tried that day and down below is the skywalk area. It was a small area with a glass floor. It was pretty. My friend who was from Daegu said he used to come to this place every weekend with his friends and cousins.

Why wouldn’t someone want to come here and play here? And it is not the end. This whole building has a variety of games to offer. Every floor has something new that you can play with. It has VR games, a roller-skating arena, rock climbing, shooting, shopping, etc. We spent almost 4-5 hours here. Later, we hopped on the bus and went to our hotel. Contrary to our expectations the hotel was pretty.

But what caught the attention of all of us was a palace-themed cafe just by the side of the hotel.

It was not only pretty from the outside but also from the inside.

Right after putting our stuff in our rooms, we all were so captivated by the beauty of this café that we went to try some coffee there right away. The coffee was great too. We all shared some experiences of living in Seoul so far while enjoying desserts and our respective drinks.

After some time, we went to our rooms, which were 5-star [We didn’t expect that cuz everything was free] The hotel provided everything, TV, every kind of skincare product, coffee, tea, towels, and other basic stuff for sure.

BUT BUT the main thing was the jacuzzi. All of us were happy with the scale of things we are experiencing for free. I enjoyed my time in my room and slept in the comfy bed.

That’s it for this blog. I’ll continue day-2 in the next blog.

See you all there…..

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