Enjoying a Cultural Night Out at Daelim’s D MUSEUM

Staying in Korea means that there is much to do. However, for those who enjoy a night out at art museum, Daelim’s D MUSEUM (대림 디뮤지엄) is a great choice. Now there is an exhibit called YOUTH, where it shows many different aspects of ‘youth’.

D MUSEUM is located in Han-nam (한남). You can go there by taking the number 2016 bus from Hanyang University Station (한양대역) exit number 1. It takes about 20 minutes.


The Museum hours are from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 AM to 6PM. On Friday and Saturday the museum in open until 8PM. You must arrive at least 30 min. before closing time, and on Mondays the museum is closed. The entrance fee is 8,000 Won. However, if you sign-in as membership at the Daelim Museum’s homepage, it is 6,000 Won. Also, one of the best things about D MUSEUM is that the audio guide if free and in English. You can get access to the audio guide by downloading the Daelim Museum’s mobile app, so be sure to get the app and some ear/headphones. There is also a museum tour every hour (except for noon due to lunchtime), but it is in Korean. That is all about the basic information about the museum.

The exhibit has artwork of 28 world-famous artists. The first floor is concentrated on the rough energy of the young, and the second floor is centered on the free and happy-go-lucky young.

It is sure that this isn’t any old boring exhibit from the start. There is funny and cute artwork of four faces welcoming us. (Taking pictures are allowed in the museum, although with flashlights off. Many Koreans go to the museum to take pictures and post on Instagram)

The first floor is a little dark. The music played in the background is also hip-hop. There are skateboards and neon signs, graffiti and fences all over the exhibit.

There are also photos of all kinds of ‘young’. Young from old-times and nowadays. The pictures can all be seen as many different aspects of young.

Once you come up to the second floor, it seems like a whole different exhibit. Photos here represent the happy and carefree young. I personally enjoyed the second floor more than the first floor, because the photos were so beautiful and also because I could relate to it more.

The photos on the second floor portrayed that youth and young is beautiful and special in every way. There is even a phrase in Adam Levine’s song ‘Lost Stars’ from the movie ‘Begin Again’, “Youth is wasted on the young”. This exhibit made me think again about how my youth, everyone’s youth and everyday life is special.


After seeing the museum, you can go to the delicious restaurants in the same building. D MUSEUM is also well known to have great restaurants.

  1. I am a Burger

I am a Burger is a burger shop that has fine burgers. It bakes its own burger buns so you can choose the buns between normal, oatmeal and black. The number of oatmeal and black buns they sell each day are limited.

  1. Sticky Pot

Sticky Pot is a chicken and beer (chi-meak) restaurant that sells gourmet chicken, pasta, burgers and more. It is more focused on being a place that you can have some food and beer, rather than being a restaurant.

  1. Gamsung Taco

Source: Instagram@yuramelona

Gamsung Taco is a Mexican food and gril. It is not that cheap, however it is a place that you can eat a mix of taco and barbeque.

Many Korean students nowadays go to fun museums in their free time. The D MUSEUM’s YOUTH is one of the cool, not boring museums that students go to. If you want to spend some time in Seoul like a Korean Hanyang University student, and if you like artwork, I recommend you to go to D MUSEUM’s new exhibit YOUTH. It is running until May 28th.


Article by Hee-sun from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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