3 Best Movies to Watch at Christmas

DONGGYU LEE   This year seems to be having a quiet end of the year due to the never-ending COVID-19. It would be a perfect Christmas if you end the day with a movie with a Christmas atmosphere in the evening after a delicious meal with your loved ones on Christmas. If you only remember ‘Home […]

How to start Marvel on Disney Plus – the official Marvel Timeline

Lee Sooyeon            With the release of the brand-new Marvel Studios animated series “What If?”, Disney+ has updated its official Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline order to include the new show. The new animated series takes place in between “Loki” and “WandaVision”, which makes sense following the events of “Loki”, where we learn about the existence […]

Part-time cleaning to go to a BTS concert…

Down syndrome boy’s dream come true Minjun Son 2021. 11.23 Image source: SOFI Stadium Twitter              A passionate fan of the Korean idol group BTS with developmental disabilities has come true with his earnest dream of going to a BTS concert.              NBCLA, a Los Angeles local broadcaster, reported that 14-year-old Harrison, who suffers from […]

Apple TV + and Disney +: What to watch?

Minjun Son 2021. 11.23              Following Apple TV +, Disney + landed in Korea today, further expanding the OTT universe. #Apple TV +, the number of episodes is small, but the completeness is guaranteed              Since launching in the United States two years ago, Apple TV + has consistently featured high-quality series featuring popular stars. […]

The performance industry revived with the start of ‘With Corona’

Yugyeong Jeong As the phased recovery of daily life (With Corona) started in November, the stagnant performance industry is also reviving. The restrictions on operating hours of multi-use facilities were relaxed, and cultural consumption discount support was resumed in seven areas including performances, exhibitions, and movies. In October, concert sales exceeded 30 billion won for […]

An Easy Way to Enjoy Futsal in Korea

Lim, Do Yeub (From plabfootball.com) Did you know there is a way to enjoy futsal without having any team or making annoying stadium reservations? In Korea, there is an online futsal matching platform called ‘Plabfootball’. If you want to enjoy futsal but don’t have your team and don’t know how to make a reservation, you […]

‘My Name’ ranks fourth on global streaming chart

Lee Sooyeon                   Netflix’s new series “My Name” has ranked fourth on a global streaming chart, following Netflix sensation “Squid Game,” the U.S. series “YOU,” and “Maid,” according to the streaming analytics platform <FlixPatrol>, Sunday.                   The action crime series, which premiered on the platform Friday, topped the daily streaming chart in Korea on the […]

Best 3 Live Music Performances: Enjoy in your room

DONGGYU LEE The COVID-19 pandemic shows no sign of ending, and because of this, the enthusiasm for concerts and festivals has faded. These days, more and more time is spent at home, avoiding the dangerous outdoors. I have brought 3 live performance videos that will give us, at least a little bit of strength, to […]