Korean Rest Stops Snacks (휴게소)

Mingi Woo Korean Rest Stops Snacks (휴게소) While you are exploring/traveling long distances in Korea, the one place you cannot forget to visit during your trip is the rest stops(휴게소) or rest area. The rest stops in Korea provide a unique travel experience on their own. In this post, I will tell you a little […]

Korean Internet Café (피시방:PC Bang)

Mingi Woo Video games are undoubtedly one of the most booming entertainment industries. This is no exception for Korea as well. Video games, in general, have engraved themselves in Korean Culture causing Korea to become one of the largest Esports scenes. So, how has Korea become the powerhouse of esports we know today? Well, one […]

Karaoke & Photobooth

Pratibha Hi everyone, how’s your stay in Korea so far? Does any differences or culture shock you experienced? Well for me, I found one thing to be rooted in Korean society which is not so common in my country……..🥁 🥁    It’s Karaoke 🎤 and self-photo booths where you can take pics with your friends and […]

Food Places Near School

Pratibha As you attend your classes at school, you eagerly wait for the lunch break. You might not want to go to the regular cafeteria in school but would like to explore some places nearby to eat during lunch hour. Today, I will tell you guys some of the places to go for your quick […]

How about a cozy weekend at home drinking hot chocolate and watching some really good movies or Web series?

Pratibha Hey everyone, this time I will give some good movie or drama recommendations worth trying. So, let’s talk about different genre mega hits. Were they true to the hype? I will give the best recent movies or series names for you to watch. The first genre is horror (ghost/ zombies/ creepy creatures) The 2nd […]

Fan Culture In Korea

Pratibha You might have heard of K-pop. If not, let me give you some backstory about it. It’s the part of the entertainment industry where idols audition for labels and do training which can vary from months to years. They are taught to improve their singing, dancing, how to behave, etc. in short everything to […]

3 Best Movies to Watch at Christmas

DONGGYU LEE   This year seems to be having a quiet end of the year due to the never-ending COVID-19. It would be a perfect Christmas if you end the day with a movie with a Christmas atmosphere in the evening after a delicious meal with your loved ones on Christmas. If you only remember ‘Home […]

How to start Marvel on Disney Plus – the official Marvel Timeline

Lee Sooyeon            With the release of the brand-new Marvel Studios animated series “What If?”, Disney+ has updated its official Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline order to include the new show. The new animated series takes place in between “Loki” and “WandaVision”, which makes sense following the events of “Loki”, where we learn about the existence […]