Introducing the best concentrated Spot at Hanyang University – Holmz!

Park Chae-eun The examination period is approaching. Attention everyone looking for a studying place!  Let me introduce you to a special place, Holmz. Location: Holmz is located 1 minute away from Hanyang University Station on Line 2 and is located on the 2nd and 4th floors of Hanyang Plaza. HOLMZ is an abbreviation for hanyang […]

Daegu Trip Part 2

Pratibha Hola!!!!! How is the new semester going on for everyone??? Want a break?? Let me take you on a journey to Daegu… So, if you have read my last blog about the backstory of how I ended up going to Daegu, then let’s start the day-1 of my journey. However, if not, then take […]

Hanyang Basketball Match

Rowie Eka Hello, everyone! Last Tuesday our school basketball team has a BIG BIG match with Korea University!! The match was held in the Gymnasium building from 5 o’clock in the afternoon and lasted for around 2 hours. Before the match started, each team has a warm-up session on each side. AND THE MATCH STARTS! […]

Korean Bullet Train KTX: A quick and easy way to travel

Mingi Woo If you are an exchange student or a full-time student at Hanyang University, you might have used the subway system here in Seoul. In my opinion, the Korean subway system is one of the easiest and simplest methods of transportation here in Korea. What if I told you that there is a rail […]

New World Created by Chat GPT

Park Chae-eun Chat GPT, a recently released artificial intelligence robot specializing in conversation, is attracting attention from around the world. The device is designed to answer questions from users and was developed by the company ‘openAI’. Chat is initial for chatting and GPT is first letter of generated pre-trained transformer. There are reasons why chat […]

Holi {Indian Festival}

Pratibha Hey, how you all doin’? I know I was doing that Daegu trip series. BUT BUT BUT….. I gotta interrupt that cuz this is actually what I wanted to start the semester with 😢. So, what is this thing that is so important? Well, on the 8th of march, it was India’s national festival […]

Cooling Down Snacks!

Rowie Eka Hellloooooo All! I’m back!! You can agree that it is getting hotter and hotter these days! Even it has been 3 days that I’m only wearing a layer of thin clothes and a layer of pants. Even though it is pretty refreshing because the fussy feeling of having to wear multiple layers is […]

Korean Esports Culture and its Reasons for Success

Mingi Woo The Korean gaming industry has taken the world by storm, leading the esports revolution. Esports has become a legitimate sport in Korea, and pro gamers sometimes hold celebrity status due to their popularity in video games. How have video games become such a prominent factor in Korea? First, we will have to dive […]