Daegu Trip Part 2

Pratibha Hellooo!!!! Did you guys like the last part? Let’s continue the journey guys 👏 So, after having a heartful meal, the next location was the Skypark building. Here, the top floor/ rooftop of the building was a mini amusement park. They had a few nice rides however most of them were for kids. They […]

Seoul of the Festival

Park chae eun As spring begins, the “Seoul Festivals” will also open, offering many things to enjoy, such as traditional cultural experiences, night views of the Han River, food, fireworks festivals, jazz, and K-pop, waiting for the citizens of Seoul. In particular, the tourism industry has slowed down due to COVID-19, but this year is […]

Places to get Lunch at Hanyang University

Mingi Woo Hello, if you are wondering where to get your own food, a simple link here will answer all your questions. ( https://www.hanyang.ac.kr/web/www/re1 ) This link provides the locations and daily menus of all the catering services within our campus. It also includes photos of the menus, which makes it easier to decide on […]