Business School Hanyang Brain Scholarship

Rowie Eka

HELOOOO EVERYONE!!! It has been long time since I finished my midterm exam! I’m coming back with an amazing news which is about our friends in Business Building who are Excellence on their Academic Performance.

So Hanyang University provide scholarship which is called Hanyang Brain for students who are selected based on the ranks of the previous semester in each grade/department among the students applying for Hanyang Brain (Starting from the 2nd semester in the 1st year) and will be exempted full or part of the tuition, and selected based on GPA ranks and just for your info all of them have 4.5 GPA which is full marks for all of the course they took on the previous fall semester 2022.

At the beginning of this event Our Dean gives his short opening speech and then He handed the certificate of scholarship to the students one by one and after all of them received the certificate, they have a group photo session.

Not only that p! They provide the awardees also with some snack which was donuts and drinks! As a reporter that attending that event, I also received some donuts from them! And it tastes so good!

So guys! Will the next semester be your turn to be on that spot?! No Pressure just Do Your Best and Goodluck for your Final later! 화이팅 (Fighting)!!!

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