By Pratibha Hey guys, I am back with another blog. It’s not the next part of the Daegu trip yet I am confident you will find it interesting. As you can see from the heading of the blog, I’m gonna talk about the Dog café. Tell me in the comments whether you are a dog […]

Anniversaries on May

Park Chae-eun Hello. Let me introduce the anniversaries of May. May is Family Month, so there are many family-related anniversaries. There are so many holidays that it is a good month to see your family far away. Traditionally, our country has a Confucian culture, so filial piety has been valued. There is also a Buddhist […]

Business School Hanyang Brain Scholarship

Rowie Eka HELOOOO EVERYONE!!! It has been long time since I finished my midterm exam! I’m coming back with an amazing news which is about our friends in Business Building who are Excellence on their Academic Performance. So Hanyang University provide scholarship which is called Hanyang Brain for students who are selected based on the […]

Korean Movie Snacks

Mingi Woo Have you ever visited a cinema in Korea? Well, there is one unique feature of Korean cinemas – their movie snacks. Today, I will quickly introduce you to some special Korean movie snacks that you might find interesting. Popcorn is the staple of all movie snacks. However, popcorn is done a little differently […]