Anniversaries on May

Park Chae-eun

Hello. Let me introduce the anniversaries of May. May is Family Month, so there are many family-related anniversaries. There are so many holidays that it is a good month to see your family far away. Traditionally, our country has a Confucian culture, so filial piety has been valued. There is also a Buddhist culture. That seems to be reflected in the anniversary. I think I can guess the culture and atmosphere of our country through the anniversary, so I would like to introduce it.

1. Children’s Day: May 5th is a day for children. Parents tend to buy toys that they children usually wanted or prepare events. Also, because it is a day off, people go out with my family. Unfortunately, Korea has the lowest birth rate among OECD countries, with less than one child born per day. Therefore, the meaning of Children’s Day seems to be becoming more important. 

2. Parents’ Day: Parents’ Day is a day to thank and repay to parents for their kindness and bring up. The representative flower is carnations, and people usually give carnations to their parents. On Parents’ Day, you can see many flower salesmen selling carnations on the subway or on the street. Parents’ Day is one of the most meaningful anniversaries in Korea because it has long valued filial piety. It is May 8th.

3. Buddha’s Birthday: If there is Christmas in a foreign country, we have both. Christmas is a day when Christians celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Likewise, Buddha’s Birthday is the birth date of Buddha in Buddhism. It is called Buddha’s Birthday. On this day, you can eat bibimbap for free if you go to the temple. It is on May 27th.

4. Hanyang University’s Anniversary: An additional anniversary for Hanyang people exists. It is the anniversary of the school. It is May 15th, which is a day off for Hanyang. Hanyang University was established in July 1939 and marks its 83rd year this year. Initially founded by Kim Yeon-joon, it was the Dong-A Institute of Engineering. On the anniversary of the school’s opening, the school’s opening ceremony is held at the Baeknam Music Museum!!

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