Foreigner friendly shopping (by Annie)

This week I researched and visited various shops and malls to find foreigner friendly clothes. These stores are for anyone who’s struggling to fit into Korean clothing, especially pants. Whether you need a bigger size or longer jeans, these places are a good to start at.

Now, if you don’t care about the clothes being Korean, the best place to start are the foreign brand stores. They tend to have more sizes than the one size fits all which we all know doesn’t fit all. Forever 21, H&M, Nike, ect. These will all have more options for people looking for different sizes and lengths.

All those stores are great and some of my favorites when I’m back home, but I wanted to find places that were Korean, something I couldn’t find back in America. I’m considered tall in Korea at the height of 5’7’’ and I went with my roommate who is 5’10’’. I was having trouble finding jeans but for her it was almost impossible. We decided she should be the one trying the pants to see if they would fit. For every store we went to, she measured the pant leg to her own legs and here’s what we found:

Myeongdong Underground mall. Exiting the subway, there were several stores in the underground mall that had pants for tall people. A good style to look into is the flowy pant leg. These pants may have been meant to be ankle-length pants but when we put them up to our hips they fell at a cute above the ankle length. There were many different styles and colors to choose from and they were cheap too! Each pair of pants was only 15,000 won. Very close to where we found these pants there was a jeans store. They were a bit more expensive but they fit from hip to ankle. Warning on these jeans though: they looked a little small for the average foreigner. If your problem is just height however, there are a lot of options here for you.



Itaewon mall: This mall is in the section of Seoul that people call “Western Town”. This would be a good place to street shop or just go straight into the mall where there are bigger sizes and pants built for taller people. The clothes in this mall are made to suit the customers. Itaewon is home to people from many different countries around the world which also means it’s home to many people with extremely different body types. This is possible one of the best places for a foreigner to find comfortable fitted clothing.

Dongdamun’s Lotte Mall: Dongdaemun is one of the best places to shop in Seoul. It’s the proclaimed shopping district and for good reason. There are several malls to go to that seemingly never end, up or sideways. At one of these malls, my roommate found a jean jacket that fits her like it was made for her. There are stands on the streets and shops down every way you turned. A good place to start for larger sizes is Lotte Mall. They have plus sizes and openly advertise so outside their shop. It’s much easier to find something that will fit each person’s particular body shape. The downside? It’s a little more expensive than other places. This isn’t to say there aren’t sales though! I found a jacket for 50% off its original price that fit my arms and torso nicely. It even fit my roommate nicely.

Article by Annie Lynch from US

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