Say Goodbye to the HUBS blog

Nam Inhan

I’m always excited about new starts just as I was when I started my HUBS blog. HUBS led me to read more articles and do more research about Korea which has truly been enlightening. Sometimes finding a subject or writing an article once a week felt a little difficult. But if I were to go back to the beginning of the semester, I would definitely choose to become a reporter again.

There are many reasons why I would apply again, but the biggest reason is that I gained new insight through my activities as a HUBS blog reporter. Even though I’ve always had plans to go on abroad for an exchange program, I had not thought too much about the views of incoming students. The HUBS blog activities made me think about what incoming students might be curious about or find difficult. Understanding their views was a new and meaningful experience for me. I also felt that there are many people who wanted to help other students. I learned a lot from the mindset or attitude of peer reporters, and if I go to another university in foreign countries as an exchange student in the future, I might look up the English blog of that university.

I hope that the articles I wrote during the semester will help incoming students adjust to Korean and Hanyang university. I also hope to be able to work again as an English blog reporter even if it’s not next semester. Goodbye, everyone.

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