English Newspapers and Magazines in Korea

A lot of people get information or news through magazines for newspapers, and I am one of them too. But some foreigners have trouble in reading newspapers or magazines in Korea. They are written in Korean and it is hard to find English articles at major Korean newspapers or magazines companies. But there are some internet sites that provide English articles. Today, I am going to talk about English newspapers and magazines in Korea.


Korean Newspapers Provided in English


The Korea Herald, The Korea Times, and Korea JoongAng Daily are the three major English daily newspapers in Korea. The main target of these newspapers is Koreans, who want to study English through daily news. But they are good sources to get news in Korea for foreign people.

The Korea JoongAng Daily is bundled with the International Herald Tribune, thus providing more information like global perspectives. But because of that reason, the price is a little more expensive than The Korea Herald and The Seoul Times.

Most of the articles that you read in all three are translated from Korean newspaper or taken from foreign news services, mostly from America. Regularly the local English daily newspapers hire additional English speaking journalists, over and above their English proofreaders, in order to reach more expat readers. The three daily newspapers are available in various news kiosks, and you can also get one via home delivery. Accessing them through on-line sites is also possible.


The Korea Herald: www.koreaherald.com

The Korea Times: www.koreatimes.co.kr

Korea JoongAnd Daily: koreajoongangdaily.joins.com


Korean Magazines Provided in English

There are various free local English magazines focusing on classified advertisements, business and service ads and information on life in Korea are available in hotels, restaurants, and tourist kiosks, and various other locations in Seoul primarily – areas of the city when there is an identifiable foreign presence, such as Itaewon. As I said that there are various ‘free’ local English magazines, you can read magazines with no charge, even though they show you a price. Of course you have to pay for the publications which are printed on papers, but you do not have to, if you read it on-line, or some publications which provided free. There are some famous English magazines you can find in Korea. Today, I am going to tell you four out of many magazines.

10 Magazine

10 Magazine can be found in a lot of locations, primarily the Itaewon area, but you can also find it other places. This magazine is not free except at some of its advertisers’ locations. It can be purchased in bookstores nationwide. Koreans also can get it online.


Groove Magazines

This magazine provides information on events and articles of interest to English Teachers and 20’s to 30’s Koreans. This is available for free at various advertiser outlets around Korea, primarily in Itaewon.


ITW Magazine (Itaewon Magazine)

This is a quarterly magazine distributed free in various locations around Seoul. The contents are focused toward Itaewon with coupons, directories, information, and maps. This magazine does not provide online sites. You can only get articles by printed one.



Seoul Magazine

Seoul Magazine is also available in some downtown Seoul and Itaewon locations free of charge. This magazine is published by Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Selection can be purchased at the Seoul Selection shop and at major bookstores and their branches. This magazine handles about dinning, travel, exploring, or nightlife in Korea. Unlike its name, it provides a lot of information about various places in Korea, not only Seoul.



Not only English but other languages’ magazines are available in some of markets that target expat shoppers as well as in some bookstores. If you walk around the markets, you will find one that you would like.


Article by Junhyung, a Freshman in Business Administration

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