Three Well-known Perfumes

Hajon Lee

Perfume has always been an essential part of people and have always become more important during summer days. As you may not know or already know, Korea’s summer is extremely hot and humid. Even after you take a shower, and step outside, you are covered in sweat with water trickling down your arm. In such weather perfume is necessary to keep yourself smell good and make others around feel good about you. This is why I will be recommending you three perfume brands that are most popular in Korea at this moment. These are Jo Malone (London), Diptyque (Paris), and Dior (Paris).

Jo Malone

Jo Malone is a British perfume brand which not only sells perfumes but various different kinds of products such as scented candles. Jo Malone is located in various places from department stores to its own stores in Itaewon. Jo Malon’s perfumes are mostly all unisex, and both men and women like any of its scent. Its perfume is famous for its natural ingredients and subtle fragrance. Most perfumes have an alcohol scent which makes us a bit hesitant to use it, but these perfumes are very calm and soft. The one I personally use and recommend is Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne.


Diptyque is a french brand that was founded very long ago by a trio who opened up a storefront bazaar. The brand was first famous for its exceptional candles and body care products. Like Jo Malone, Diptyque is applauded for obtaining active plant molecules that are familiar to us humans and the frangence we smell to be attractive. The one I personally use and recommend is L’OMBRE DANS L’EAU EAU DE PARFUM which has a floral scent from its roses.


The last brand is Dior, a famous brand which everyone is familiar with. Dior has two famous perfume lines women: eau de parfum and for the men: sauvage. Sauvage was a bit too strong of a flavour for me, and so the women’s lines have a higher sale. Miss Dior has a few products, mostly all floral. It is a bit like rose and a citrusy smell, and later on it kind of becomes like a vanilla chocolate flavour. Keep in mind when smelling numerous types of perfume, be sure to smell coffee beans in between to be able to absorb that one smell perfectly. Be sure to buy yourself a perfume or cologne to keep yourself smelling good in the summer!

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