Korean Traditional Tea Houses in Seoul

Gaeun Kim

As we have to stay at home during these days, we feel tired staying at home, just eating continuously without outdoor activities. I want to introduce some Tea house in Seoul, where you can try some Korean traditional tea in well-being café or Hanok (Korean traditional house) shaped café. Drinking brewed tea instead of ice coffee will bring you mental and physical stability. Minerals and vitamins in tea will help you stay in shape. Popular teas are jujube tea, ginger tea, chrysanthemum tea, and ssanghwa tea(black herbal tea). You can try other unique, seasonal teas besides these.

Eum Tea House


First place is called ‘Eum Tea House(이음 티하우스)’. It is located in Buam-dong, Jongno-gu. You can visit directly or make a reservation beforehand. If you arrive in this café, you can see many hand-made potteries being displayed on the wall. Before ordering some tea, the owner will explain the various kinds of tea and tea utensils in detail because tea menus are being changed every season. You can brew your own tea with following instructions. There aren’t any dessert menus so you can bring some small refreshments. Enjoy your time in a peaceful atmosphere and relieve some stress.



Next place is called ‘Suyeonsanbang tea house(수연산방)’. ‘Suyeonsanbang’ means a house in the mountains where writers gather. It is located near Hansung University Station, Line 4. This tea house is popular among foreign tourists because this place is built up of Hanok(Korean Traditional house), with mountains surrounded. You can enjoy Korean traditional tea and desert leisurely, staring at the mountain view. Menus are all written in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese. Recommended signature dish is called shaved ice with sweet pumpkin flavor (sweet pumpkin bingsu), but there are many different kinds of Korean traditional drinks and foods you can choose.


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