Daehakro; Seoul’s Theater District

Donghoon Lee

Daehakro is Seoul’s theater and performing arts district. Daehakro is the name of the neighborhood and the area’s main road. There are numerous theaters and performance venues of all sizes located throughout the area. Visitors who are fans of theater, musicals, and music should head to Daehakro to fulfill their cultural experiences.



I personally enjoy the fact that Daehakro has wide variety of plays. On an ordinary day, it is known that there are more than hundred plays simultaneously going on. It is amazing considering the fact that one performance requires tons of effort to put on a stage. However, because of lack of money those theater companies have, huge portion of the plays are not known to the public.


Check out @spotlight_performance to view various plays that are going on at Daehakro. It is a project that I personally started to introduce various of plays that theater companies cannot afford to promote.

Other than having numerous theaters, Daehakro is also a great place to go out on a dinner. There are great restaurants. There are beautiful cafeterias as well. I highly recommend you to check out Daehakro if you have time in Seoul.

◎ Photocredit: Donghoon’s Phone Camera

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