Korean Narrative: Binging with King Sejong

Seochon, Gyungbukgung

Su Un Taeh Kim


Sejong the Great 1397-1450), a praised monarch with marvelous achievements such as personally creating Hangul was known to have a strong addiction to meat. During his 30 year reign, the annals were filled with episodes relative to his stature as a widely known gourmand. Coincidentally, a Hanok village where the great King was born has been transformed into a hot place for modern Seoulites with a huge stomach and liver.

The Seochon Village (a.k.a Sejong village) is located on the westside of Gyungbukgung palace. Just 1-2 minutes from the Gyungbukgung metro station(3rd orange line – 30 mins from HY), the village used to be the dwelling place of royalty and prominent nobility due to its proximity to the palace. However, with the dawn of the modern age in Seoul, the illustrious district became a sleepy village full with small antique Hanoks and a handful of tourists passing by. In similar accordance to Ikseon village, Seochon started its modernization around ten years ago with the empty Hanok residences being transformed into exquisite bars and restaurants hosting favorite gastronomic dishes.


While other retro-atmosphere Hankok villages offer michelin-star westernized restaurants and cafe shops, Seochon village is full of the vibrant Korean dishes and joints making it one of the the idealistic place if you want to get full and drunk the Korean way. Afterall, it is where King sejong is born. From, traditional Korean fried chicken that bears the royal name of Sejong to one of the best Jeju pork chop joints in north Seoul, the village is full of Koreans craving for the perfect set of dishes that goes well with their Soju or Somaek.


Daehasikdang pork chop, Hyojababe, Dduelaewoo, Baekgol, Yijudang,Aewolsikdang

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