We Thought We Were Close, But We Weren’t: Offline Lecture

Seung Hyun Nam

In the past few weeks, we were full of hope, dreaming of getting back to normal campus life. By means, Offline face-to-face lectures were right in front of our hands, just about to catch it with our bear hands. We went through numerous surveys, asking students’ opinion in shifting online-blackboard classes into what we used to do. Some students were eager to get back to campus, some people strongly refused to do so due to campus-home distances. Nonetheless this matter turned out to be an inevitable circumstance which is uncontrollable due to a secondary inflation in COVID-19 confirmed infected cases.

While the department of education were preparing for a slow and careful start this semester, a COVID-19 infected individual has visited diverse entertainment facilities in Itaewon causing the whole nation in an additional disaster for at least months depending on how bad it goes. Offline classes are no longer available in some classes for this semester, some professors had no other option than to postpone their Plan B hoping students could gather up in their class with masks as an alternative. The individual is not the only one to blame but all the people who put their guards down as if this crisis is over.

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