Parks Where You Can Heal in This Summer

Gaeun Kim

As midterm week goes by, I’ve been planning to visit some spacious and large places to ride a bike and get some cool, fresh air after midterm exam. So, today I’m going to introduce and recommend some popular places where you can ride bikes with your friends or family. Actually, I don’t have my own bike so I’ll write about how to borrow bikes in each place, too.


Olympic Park

First place I want to recommend is ‘The Olympic Park’.  It is located near Olympic Park Station on Line 5. You can enter with no entrance fee. It is a good place to ride a bike, go for jogging, or take a walk because paths and sidewalks are all divided neatly. This park is one of the largest parks in Seoul, so you can enjoy riding a bike freely. You can rent the bicycle at the ticket office in front of the entrance of Olympic Weightlifting Stadium, or at the peace square. Besides this, you can have a picnic here, but it is temporarily banned because of COVID-19 now. I hope Corona virus passes by as soon as possible, and take a walk and enjoy a picnic.


Yeouido Hangang Park

Next place I want to recommend is the Yeouido Hangang Park. This place is located near Yeoido-Naru Station, Line 5. You can rent bicycle at Bicycle Rental Center in front of Exit 1 of Yeouido Naru Station. For renting fee, it’s 3,000 won for a single bicycle, and 6,000 won for a tandem bicycle. There is an additional cost if you go past the hours of use, which is 500 won for one person per 15 minutes, and 1,000 won for two people. While riding a bike, you can have a short rest in net-shaped chairs which are located from place to place. Besides this, you can go on a cruise, take a duck boat, or enjoy and buy things in flea market at night.


Dream Forest

Last place is called ‘Dream Forest(북서울꿈의숲)’. This place is located near Mia Samgeori Station, Line 4. Dream Forest is the fourth largest park in Seoul, after Olympic Park in Songpa-gu, World Cup Park in Mapo-gu and Seoul Forest in Seongbuk-gu. If you arrive here, you can see many buildings as well which includs café, art galleries, museums, educational program spaces. You can experience all of these programs. Actually, this place is not for riding bikes, but I wanted to introduce this place to enjoy the fine weather, watching scenery and giving ourselves a healing time.

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