Introducing Popular Korean Street Brands

Gaeun Kim

Hi guys! Today, I’m going to introduce some street brands that are in fashion among young adults. Many young people like teenagers or twenties enjoy wearing some street brand clothes because it is cheaper and cost-effective than luxurious brands, youngsters like to wear similar clothes with each other. Especially, street brands are being loved by young people because Korean hip-hop singers wear street brand clothes. There are so many street brands, so I picked three different kinds of Korean street brands which are popular between students and young people nowadays.

A. Thisisneverthat

This brand was named by meaning ‘the actual clothes in front of your eyes is completely different from the first image that you conjured up in your mind.’ This brand is unisex, and it is so popular that it is called Supreme of Korea. Clothes such as t-shirt, swatshirt, even accessories like caps are all simple-designed. It rarely has some complex patterns, and usually being printed with logo only. I think the reason why this brand is popular for long time and rarely gets out of style is because of its simplicity. Especially, I think high school students enjoy wearing this brand. You can buy these clothes and accessories at offline store which is located near in Hapjeong station or other multi brand stores. Also, you can visit the website and buy them online.



B. Mschf

Brand ‘MSCHF’ was came up with the word ‘mischief’, which means harmless joke or prank. Two directors of this brand thought this word was not that really serious, and can express their aim for fun and jolly things. Two directors of this brand are both women, and they are friends. This brand is being loved especially by women because it showed its brand image distinctly and invariably for more than 10 years. Their confident image of styling makes women look more unique and stylish. MSCHF is famous for collaborating with many different brands such as G-SHOCK, NIKE, Vans, etc. Its brand name keeps expanding through worldwide.



C. Sculptor

Since I am a female, I would like to introduce another women’s brand. This is actually my favorite street brand because this brand quickly responds to recent fashion movement with their unique style. Unlike the brands above, Sculptor’s seasonal clothes show different moods and styling, so many girls who are into trends buy a lot of Sculptor products. If MSCHF brand is targeting strong, unique, confident style, Sculptor is mainly targeting cute, kitsh, vivacious style. You can also buy Sculptor products in offline store near Sangsu station or through the online store.





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