Yogurt: A Spoonful of Delight

Sooyeon Lee These days, many people are looking for healthy and delicious well-being food. One of the rising healthy food is ‘yogurt’. Yogurt is basically a food produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. The bacteria used to make yogurt are known as yogurt cultures. The fermentation of lactose by these bacteria produces lactic acid, which […]

The Law of Korean Time

Seung Hyun Nam Have you ever heard of the saying “Korean-Time”? A word made by Korean teens, meaning, it is never wrong to add up half an hour in any meeting estimated time for everyone to arrive. To elaborate, if you are about to meet one of your Korean friends at 7 P.M. for dinner […]

Movies to Watch When Corona Crisis is Over

Woo Joo Min Coronavirus COVID-19 made many people and business in difficulties and one of them is the film industry. I myself is a big movie fan so I’m bit struggling with the situation which every fine new movies are postponed and there is nothing to watch at theater even if I use the whole […]

Korean Narrative: 1 ‘ggang’ per day

Su Un Taeh Kim Have you ever heard someone say they need to watch ‘ggang’ or saw someone laughing watching one of those ‘ggang’ videos and its comments? In case the term is not clear, the Korean word ‘ggang’ means guts. To be clear, the guts for courage not digestion. ‘1 ggang per day’ refers […]

Gapyeong, Holiday Near Seoul

Donghoon Lee Gapyeong is one of the greatest places to go on a holiday. It is very close to Seoul, which means, you can arrive to Gapyeong by subway. It only takes around 90 minutes from Hanyang University. It has really great scenery. Gapyeong is one of the places where a lot of Korean university […]

Korean Traditional Tea Houses in Seoul

Gaeun Kim As we have to stay at home during these days, we feel tired staying at home, just eating continuously without outdoor activities. I want to introduce some Tea house in Seoul, where you can try some Korean traditional tea in well-being café or Hanok (Korean traditional house) shaped café. Drinking brewed tea instead […]

Three Well-known Perfumes

Hajon Lee Perfume has always been an essential part of people and have always become more important during summer days. As you may not know or already know, Korea’s summer is extremely hot and humid. Even after you take a shower, and step outside, you are covered in sweat with water trickling down your arm. […]

Korean Narrative: ‘Dang Dang Dog’ a Canine with 2,000 Years of Korean History

Su Un Taeh Kim As adorable puppies tend to bring out the brightest expressions with a cute essence among ourselves, they tend to be called in different variations among peoples, and culture. In Korea, dogs are usually called ‘gangajie’(강아지) or ‘mungmunge’(멍멍이), but nowadays they are also called ‘dangdange’(댕댕). A lot can be interpreted with the […]