Korean Narrative: 1 ‘ggang’ per day

Su Un Taeh Kim

Have you ever heard someone say they need to watch ‘ggang’ or saw someone laughing watching one of those ‘ggang’ videos and its comments? In case the term is not clear, the Korean word ‘ggang’ means guts. To be clear, the guts for courage not digestion. ‘1 ggang per day’ refers to the recent trend in watching Rain(Legendary Korean Singer/Dancer)’s music video or concert clips for his last release: ggang

Rain’s title song from 2017 has received negative reviews and his release or ‘comeback’ has been deemed a failure when it first came out. With burdensome dances that resemble a dog with a broken spine (according to the comments) and lyrics that resemble a horrible melting pot of R&B and Hip Hop, the song was and is? the target of ridicule from many. However, the so called ‘failed’ song is miraculously gaining its missed popularity in recent days.

All thanks to the comments section in Youtube videos rather than for the actual song or music video. The comments section in ‘ggang’ videos are filled with brilliant disses made by disappointed fans and netizens (net + Korean citizens = Korean internet community). These hilarious comments on the 2 year old music video bring thousands if not millions to Youtube videos as seen with the mark of 90 million views (that rose recently) in the official ‘ggang’ music video and countless remakes done by amused Korean youtubers and citizens.

The fire for ‘ggang’ has grown larger with Rain reacting in a positive manner to the ridicule by claiming he and his wife also fulfil ‘1 ggang per day’. Moreover, with our lifestyles confined to our rooms and indoor quarters, hilarious content like ‘ggang’ is more likely to be spread among various communities. Critics and academics claim that the public’s recent love affair with ‘ggang’ is a sign that the masses now have the capacity to drive new trends by themselves without the controlling media discretion. Regardless of the academic analysis behind this drive, ‘ggang’ comments get you in the cycle and as time goes by, even the music and the dance itself becomes attractive and addictive. Enough said(written), log into Youtube and by typing ‘ggang’, embrace yourself to dive into the ‘ggang’ world.

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