Movies to Watch When Corona Crisis is Over

Woo Joo Min

Coronavirus COVID-19 made many people and business in difficulties and one of them is the film industry. I myself is a big movie fan so I’m bit struggling with the situation which every fine new movies are postponed and there is nothing to watch at theater even if I use the whole screen alone. Here are some movies that are delayed due to COVID-19 and worth waiting to watch.

007 No Time to Die

The most popular and beloved spy franchise 007’s latest series ’007 no time to die’ was postponed till November because of the virus. Maybe the James Bond can dodge a bullet and run through it but can’t go around the virus. Actor who has been the James Bond longest Daniel Craig is coming back with all the projections against it and it would be his last 007 film.

Black Widow

More Spy! Black widow became more action hero than spy throughout the Marvel franchise but she’s still a fascinating spy character. (spoiler alert!) After great sacrifice to save the world Black widow was died in Avengers film and many fans were sad that great character like Natasha was used as simple plot. Interesting story about her past will be revealed in this film.


This film is based on animated film with the same name on 1998. It was not only Asian princess of the Disney franchise but actually she’s not the princess and Mulan’s story is very different from traditional prince and princess tales. Original film has many fans with their creative stories and fans are looking forward to seeing great film re-created in the real theater.

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