Subway Trip Around Seoul (Line 2)

How often do you use subway? You might use subway for various purpose like going to school, etc. Subway is one of the most popular public transportation in especially Seoul (서울). In Seoul, subway is relatively more developed than other cities. There are more than 10 subway lines in Seoul. Therefore, you can go many […]

Festivals in Seoul for the Food and Drinks Lovers

Seoul Food Festival 04/28/2017-05/05/2017 Seoul Food Festival is a seven-day event celebrating gourmet flavors and featuring various signature dishes from world-class restaurants [1]. The festival is divided into three types of events: luxurious banquet gatherings at top hotels, grand outdoor picnic events with over 50,000 participants, and cooking shows from Michelin Star chefs. The festival kicks […]

Surviving Korean Drinking Games (Part 2)

Last summer we brought you an intro to Korean drinking games. We covered a few of the basics, including Ttalgi (딸기), Baskin Robbins 31, and the bottlecap game to name a few. What we gave you was a good foundation for Korean drinking games and chants, but we’ve only scratched the surface. Here are four […]

Book Tickets Online in Korea!

In April, many of my friends went to the great Coldplay concert. The concert was a public interest so the booking for the tickets was almost impossible. Even the concert was about 5 months later the ticketing was already finished after less than a minute. After the failure of the urgent ticketing I thought about […]

How to Enjoy Korean Barbecue: Pick the Right Side Dishes!

Now that you know the different types of pork cuts, it’s time we talk about side dishes you should never forget when you’re having Korean barbecue. My definition of side dishes in this article is wide-range, so it would include vegetables for ‘쌈(to be explained later),’ cold noodles(냉면) and even soup!   쌈 (Ssam) Maybe […]

All Kinds of Alcohol Mixtures in Korea (Part 3)

The last two articles I wrote were about the different types of alcohol mixtures Koreans drink. Saddly, this article is not an article about alcohol. It is the last of my ‘alcohol’ series though, an article about hangover food. After a great night with alcohol. Koreans go to eat food to help them with their […]

At Last! Jamsil Lotte World Tower (Part 2)

When you go to Jamsil (잠실), you can find out some differences compared to before. Not only the construction of Lotte World Tower (롯데월드타워), but also you can find out sweet swans. When you go to Seokchon Lake (석촌호수), you can see huge two swans. Swans stare at each other and their beaks are touched. […]

Pixar Animation Studios 30th Anniversary Special Exhibition

“Art challenges technology, technology inspires art” – John Lasseter. Looking at the picture above, do you feel nostalgic about some of your childhood memories? Many of us probably grew up watching animation movies. You’ve probably watched at least one or a few of the movies above because of its amazing storyline, characters, and animation. In […]