All Kinds of Alcohol Mixtures in Korea (Part 3)

The last two articles I wrote were about the different types of alcohol mixtures Koreans drink. Saddly, this article is not an article about alcohol. It is the last of my ‘alcohol’ series though, an article about hangover food. After a great night with alcohol. Koreans go to eat food to help them with their hangover. The types of food vary from person to person, from strawberry smoothies to hamburgers. Obviously the best hangover food is the one right for you, but today I will introduce the different ‘traditional’ hangover foods Koreans eat.


“Pork Backbone Hangover Soup”

Pork Backbone Hangover Soup (뼈다귀 해장국, Bbeuh-Da-Gyee-Hae-Jang-Gook) is a spicy looking hangover soup. However, it is not as spicy as it looks. It is made mostly from Pork Backbone cooked for hours and made soft. If you are a meat-lover, the soft pork will just hit the spot. It may be a little bothersome to pick the meat out of the bone, but it tastes fantastic. There is a mustard sauce on the sides for you to dip the pork in, so try that as well.


“Boiled Beef/Pork Hangover Soup”

Source: The Jincook (더진국)

Boiled Beef or Pork Hangover Soup is made with beef or pork. It depends on which type of hangover soup you eat. This is great for meat-lovers that do not like to pick the meat from the bone. The meat will be a little drier than other meat, but if you think that the “Pork Backbone Hangover Soup” is too greasy, you will like the “Boiled Beef/Pork Hangover Soup”. The most well-known “Boiled Pork Hangover Soup” that Korean University students go to is The Jincook (더진국).


“Korean Sausage Hangover Soup”

Korean Sausage Hangover Soup is made from Korean Sausage, or else known as Soon-Dae (순대). It is sausage with glass noodles and bits of vegetables inside. You can get the normal Soon-Dae or the traditionally made Soon-Dae. The traditionally made Soon-Dae tends to have pork and vegetable inside, rather than just glass noodles. That is why Korean Sausage Hangover Soup is called Soon-Dae-Gook-Bab (순대국밥) by Koreans, which means Soon-Dae soup with rice. Soon-Dae-Gook-Bab can sometimes be spicy, but for the most time it is made with the white broth of pork.


“Bean-Sprout Hangover Soup”

This Bean-Sprout Hangover Soup(콩나물 해장국, Cong-Na-Meoul-Hae-Jang-Gook) is one of the most common and cheap hangover soups you can get. It is clear and has a neat aftertaste. You can put chili peppers, squid and seaweed in the soup at your taste. It is famous in Jeonju(전주).

Some places give you a poached egg like above. It is to protect your stomach. To eat the egg, put some of the hot soup in to cook the egg, and some seaweed laver. Mix the egg, soup and seaweed together and then eat. It is a delicacy.


“Frozen-dried Pollack Hangover Soup”

Frozen-dried Pollack Hangover Soup is a hangover soup that is clear and has a clean finish. Its main ingredient is Pollack, which is dried in cold conditions, mainly made in Gangwon-do (강원도, Gang-Won-Province). If you do not want an hangover soup that is meaty, than Forzen-dried Pollack Hangover Soup is the right soup for you.


This is the end of my series, from alcohol mixtures to hangover soup. Alcohol makes up a big part of Korean University students. I hope that all of the readers of HUBS BLOG has a great but healthy alcoholic experience in Korea.


Article by Hee-sun from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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