A Healing Trip to Namhae National Marine Park (Part 1)

After a journey for the entrance exam I became an adult and it was a rapid change to take up myself. Before I became an adult the only thing I had to do were things related to studying. Other things were done by others who were supporting me. But after being a grown up I […]

Unique Drinks You Must Try in Korean Convenience Stores

A typical Korean convenience store offers a wide range of products for us. There isn’t much you can’t find in Korean convenience stores especially when it comes to snacks and drinks! For those who want to try something you can find only in Korea, I will introduce three unique drinks you can commonly see in […]

All Kinds of Alcohol Mixtures in Korea (Part 1)

For those who have been, or are in Korea, you must have tried Korean Soju (소주) and Beer. Koreans like to have drinks with people, and feel that it is a way to get in closer bonding. When saying goodbye to friends, they even might say “나중에 술 한잔 하자” (Na-joong-ae Sool Han-Jan Ha-ja) which […]